High school student Mike (Tyson Brown) has, after long last, summoned up the courage to ask out the girl next door. He thought not having a car would be the least of his problems – but after he’s conned into buying a beat-up '65 Chrysler, his night turns into a weird, wild ride fuelled by desire, bullets and burning rubber, as he finds himself targeted by a pair of cops, a criminal gang, and a vengeful crazy cat lady. Depicted in cleverly comedic, vividly chaotic colour by writer-directors Manuel Crosby and Darren Knapp, First Date makes any other first date nerves seem like a walk in the park.

  • Director :
  • Manuel Crosby, Darren Knapp
  • Starring :
  • Tyson Brown, Shelby Duclos, Jesse Janzen, Nicole Berry
  • Release Date :
  • 30 Jun 2021
  • Certificate :
  • 15
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