What we do

We take our planet and the climate crisis seriously. From Edinburgh down to Exeter, we play our own small part in the safekeeping of our planet and look to set an example for how cinemas can best reduce their energy consumption and waste.  

At Picturehouse, working with responsible and ethical suppliers and reducing our impact on the environment is something we're passionate about.

We source sustainable products, choosing UK-made whenever possible, and have reduced the deliveries we receive to dramatically reduce food miles.

Recently, we've improved our menu and ordering processes in order to minimise food waste, and the items we do order come from partnerships with small, ethical British businesses, perfect for bringing home-grown products to our tables and kiosks. 

Our fish is sustainable, our eggs are free-range, and we're making great efforts to ensure our meat is sourced from reputable British farms.

We're also offering more vegetarian and vegan options than ever before, to ensure that everyone can enjoy what's on the menu.

Our craft beers are brewed here, and even our water and soft drinks are local too - we try to avoid shipping water over water when great options can be found at home

We stock Thirsty Planet water, which is dedicated to bringing clean water to communities across sub-Saharan Africa. On every bottle or pack of Thirsty Planet sold we guarantee a significant, fixed donation to Pump Aid, a fantastic charity that provides cost-effective, sustainable clean water to those who need it most.

We sell tempered glass Keep Cups to help reduce the waste caused by single-use coffee cups and lids. We encourage people to use Keep Cups by offering a discount on every hot drink bought and providing a donation to charity. Plus, if you buy one of our Picturehouse cups, you get your first hot drink free! (You'll find plenty of non-dairy milk alternatives too, and look out for cinemas giving away their coffee grounds for compost.)

Behind the scenes, we're working to stay green too. Our kitchens work with our oil partner Olleco, who collect used oil and convert it to Biofuels. 

Picturehouse has been in the vanguard of sustainability for many years in cutting back on our use of paper, only using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accredited paper, using non-toxic vegetable-based inks, and recycling items such as photocopy cartridges. 

At all our sites we recycle all paper, card, cans, glass and plastics, with some sites having their own glass crushers and card balers. We also encourage the purchase of paperless e-tickets online to reduce the need for printing.

Above all, we know we can always do more to help the environment: that's why we're working with WM101 to improve all our waste and recycling streams, and working with our industry partners to come up with national solutions and objectives. 

We understand and are committed to our role in fighting consumption habits for a more sustainable future. If you've seen anything that you'd like to improve in our cinemas, please get in touch at [email protected], we'd love to hear from you.