Germany, 2019, 119 mins. DIRECTOR: Nora Fingscheidt WITH: Helena Zengel, Albrecht Schuch, Gabriela Maria Schmeide, Lisa Hagmeister Foster families, special needs schools – nine-year old Benni has seen it all. Rebellious, aggressive and unpredictable, she is expelled wherever she goes. Child protection services refer to her as a “system crasher”. All Benni wants is to be back at home, but her mother is scared and overwhelmed by her own daughter. While child protection services are trying to find a permanent placement, they hire an anger management trainer as Benni’s school escort and suddenly there is a seed of hope. Young actress Helena Zengel gives a remarkable performance as the out of control Benni. Winner of the Silver Bear Alfred Bauer Prize for a feature film that opens new perspectives. The Cambridge Film Festival is presented by the Cambridge Film Trust, a registered charity with a mission to foster film culture and education for the benefit of the public, in Cambridge and the Eastern region but also throughout the UK.

  • Release Date :
  • 20 Sep 2019
  • Certificate :
  • 15
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