Hopster Original: Rainbow Stories Discover a range of heart-warming stories featuring positive LGBT+ characters. These short animated films encourage children to celebrate diversity and dare to be who they want to be. Created by Hopster Studios in partnership with Diversity Role Models, a UK-based education charity, Rainbow Stories was designed to nurture empathy and acceptance in the next generation. Peter, Mark, James and Einstein Based on a true and heartwarming story about a boy called James and how he finds happiness in his new home with his newly adopted parents Peter, James and Einstein the cat. Stella/Stuart The true story of a young girl named Stella who is uncomfortable as a female and wants to be a boy named Stuart. This positive story is about being true to yourself and finding the confidence to trust and find acceptance in your friends and family. Lyndsey and Holly This is an empowering true story of how Lydnsey overcame bullying/teasing at school to become a doctor, and marry the love of her life, a girl called Holly. Hopster Original: Love is Love Celebrate love with this catchy tune by Hopster that introduces children to different types of families. Encouraging acceptance and diversity, Love is Love shows children how colourful and different families can be. The song teaches kids that they might have one mum one dad, same-sex parents or might be looked after by their grandparents, it is love that counts and binds them all together. Love is Love Love is Love is an uplifting song that celebrates love and all the colours of the rainbow and reflects modern day families and relationships. Family Question Time Family Question Time is a mini animated documentary which offers a snapshot of real-life families being silly and talking about their lives. The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived Knights, dragons, and princesses are the things all good fairytales are made of, but what happens when the tale has an LGBTQ ending? Follow Cedric on his journey from his days on a humble pumpkin farm to the adventures that lead him to become a full-fledged knight. Will he follow his heart, and prove that sometimes the bravest thing you can do is choose for yourself how your fairytale ends? Rosaline The story of Rosaline incorporates LGBT themes in a fun, fairytale adventure through the woods. To find her sweetheart, Rosaline must first get by a tricky witch, a hungry wolf, and a well-intentioned fairy godmother! This picture book for children and adults alike emphasizes the value of being true to yourself. Pop’n Olly: Little Red Riding Dude A story about pride and always being yourself. Join Christopher, or as he is better known 'Little red Riding Dude', as he journeys to his Grandma's house. But who will he meet along the way? Pop’n Olly: Goldilocks and the Different Bear Families A simple story for pre-school children, helping them to understand that families can come in all different shapes and sizes. Goldilocks is out meeting all the different families in the village, but what is she delivering to them?

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  • 16 May 2019
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