Picturehouse Cinemas Closure FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

The Picturehouse Team

17 Mar 20

When will Picturehouse reopen? 
We're monitoring the situation and government advice and we will open as soon as we are able to. The safety and well-being of our customers, our members and our staff is our utmost priority at Picturehouse and we're committed to providing a safe and healthy environment within our cinemas.

How will you let customers know when the cinema is up and running again?
We'll post any updates on our website and social media channels, send an email to current newsletter subscribers.

What's happening to your staff while your cinemas are closed? 
We were very pleased when the government announced its Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme to support companies like ours. This scheme will allow us to do what we couldn't do before, which is to offer all our employees who are unable to work while our cinemas are closed, to be furloughed and still to be paid during this time, as well as keep their jobs for the future. The well-being of our employees is our top priority and we will continue to support them as much as possible.


Can I access MyPicturehouse while cinemas are closed?
MyPicturehouse will be temporarily unavailable while our cinemas are closed. We'll email all Members once we're up and running again.


I am a Picturehouse Member. What will happen to my Membership? 
Although we're temporarily closing our cinemas, your Membership will continue in line with the Picturehouse Membership terms (please see clause 17.3 which explains what can happen in circumstances beyond Picturehouse's reasonable control).
You won't lose the value of the fees paid for your Membership. We will be extending the duration of your Membership to reflect the period during which our cinemas are closed. This does not affect any rights you may have in relation to your Membership.
If you wish to cancel your Membership and request a refund, please see our terms and conditions here.
If you have any other questions about your Membership, please contact our Customer Care team: [email protected]

Can I buy a Membership while cinemas are closed?
Unfortunately, we can't process new Memberships while our cinemas are closed. However, you can still buy e-Gift vouchers here.
Please note that e-Gift vouchers cannot be redeemed until our cinemas are open.


I have booked tickets. What happens now?
All Picturehouse customers who pre-booked tickets online or over the phone will be automatically issued a refund within 14 working days of cinemas closing.
Customers who bought tickets in person or have any questions regarding tickets should contact our Customer Care team at [email protected]

I have booked tickets using a Picturehouse gift card. How will I get refunded?
Customers who booked tickets with a Gift Card should contact our Customer Care team at [email protected]

I have booked tickets using a third party voucher code for Picturehouse. What happens now?
If you booked online using a third-party voucher code, you will be able to get a new code from the third party. Please contact them directly. 

When will I be refunded?
We're working hard to ensure that customers who bought tickets will be refunded within 14 working days of cinemas closing. Any customers who bought their tickets through third parties will need to get in touch with the third party to claim their refund.