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We have answers to some FAQs on the following subjects which you might find helpful:

How to book

Box office
All our cinema will open at least 15 minutes before the start of the first film each day.

You can book tickets online by clicking on the time of a film. Picturehouse Members must sign in to the website using their online password in order to access their Member tickets. Once signed in, Members can book tickets for fellow Members by entering different card numbers in the relevant field.

Mobile app
The best way to book tickets while you're out and about. Download and find out more on Picturehouse Spotlight

Our telephone lines are open from 9.00am to 8.30pm, seven days a week. Please call 0871 902 5747 (calls cost 13p per minute plus your telephone company's access charge).

Admission is subject to our Terms of Admission

Tickets & Payment

How do I use my e-ticket?
Your booking confirmation is your ticket and you can beat the queues by going straight to the screen and showing the QR code to our usher. You can either print the email or present it on your mobile device.

What about the attachment on e-ticket emails?
The attachment on ticket booking confirmation emails can be used by Apple Wallet users. For everyone else, the email itself is sufficient.

Can I pick up my tickets at box office?
Yes. You can collect your tickets at Box Office at least 15 minutes before the advertised start time of the film or event. You need your Booking Reference and/or payment card to help us find your booking.

Do you accept Meerkat Movie codes?
Yes. They can be redeemed at Box Office, but not online.

Do you take American Express?
Yes, American Express is accepted on the Picturehouse website, the Picturehouse ticket booking app and the telephone booking line.

Can I use my Member Free Tickets with Meerkat Movie codes?
You can use your Member Free Ticket with a Meerkat Movie code. Please be aware your Meerkat Movies code cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, such as discounted or voucher tickets, unless advised otherwise.

Booking Fees

Do you charge a fee for booking tickets online or by telephone?
Yes. When you book cinema tickets online through our website or app, or by telephone a booking fee of £1.50 per transaction will usually apply. The booking fee is payable in addition to the price of tickets.

The booking fee represents a charge for the convenience of being able to book tickets in advance wherever you are and also helps us to cover the costs involved in running our website and remote booking services.

Booking fees do not apply to tickets purchased in person at our cinemas.

Does your online and phone booking fee apply to all tickets?
The online and phone booking fee will apply to most ticket types, but currently the following are exempt:

  • CEA carer tickets
  • Charity Screenings
  • Certain promotional tickets (where individual promotion T&Cs state that the fee does not apply)

If you are using vouchers, gift cards, or any method that would otherwise use free tickets not already stated above, the booking fee still applies.


I’ve booked for the wrong film time. How can I change it?
We do not swap tickets. We can provide a refund of your booking so you can rebook for a preferred screening, as long as it falls within the terms of our refund policy.

When can I get a refund?
Refunds can be processed up to 48 hours before the screening of the film.

What if I bought my tickets within 48 hours?
Any tickets bought within 48 hours prior to the screening are non-refundable. The full Terms of Admission can be found here:

How do I claim my refund?
If you booked online or over the phone, you can claim a refund at the Box Office, or over the phone on our Refund Hotline 0207 018 3629 (open 9am to 8.30pm). If you booked your tickets at the cinema, you will need to return the tickets to the Box Office to claim the refund.


Why can't I see what's showing this Friday?
We update our schedules overnight every Monday, which means that we are unable to confirm everything we'll be showing from a Friday until the Tuesday before.

Why can't I choose my seats online?
If you aren't asked where you would like to sit it is likely that you’re booking for a show with unreserved seating, which means that you just choose where to sit when you enter the screen.

Do you use cookies on your website?
Yes, there are various cookies. You can find more details here:

Personal Data

Do you share customer data with third parties?
We share customer information with third party IT and software companies necessary for the function of our online, booking, email, and membership services. Your details are not used for any marketing purposes other than from Picturehouse Cinemas.

Telephone Information

How much does it cost to call the booking line?
13p a minute plus your telephone company's access charge.

Programme Information

Why aren't you showing a film listed in your programme?
While we make every effort to ensure that the information in our programmes is accurate, we do sometimes have to make last-minute amendments or cancellations. For the most up-to-date information, please check this website.

Luggage Policy

Please note that we no longer look after large items of luggage. Small cases and bags may be taken into the screen as long as they fit under your seat. They must not obstruct the row or aisle. Thank you for your understanding.

Children and Young People

How does your Family ticket work?
Everyone's a kid with a Picturehouse family ticket as adults pay child's prices. A Family ticket is for four people, at least two of whom must be under 15 (eg. 2 Adults and 2 children or 1 Adult and 3 children).

What is the age resistriction on Child tickets?
Child tickets are available to those under 15.

Can my children come to films?
Anyone can come to U or PG films. However, we do stipulate that of children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by someone who is at least 18 years of age at all times (regardless of film classification). We also ask that babies are taken out if they cause disturbance to other customers (except in Big Scream screenings).

What does 12A stand for?
12A stands for "12 Advisory". Anyone can go to these films but children under 12 must be accompanied by someone over 18.

What about other certificates?
No one under the age of 15 can go to films certified 15 and no one under the age of 18 can go to 18 certificate films. We don’t have any discretion about these age rules – it’s the law and we could lose our licence if we don’t enforce the rules. This even includes babies – even though they are unlikely to take much in! The only exception is for Big Scream films. You can find out more about film certification at


How can I become a Picturehouse Member or find out more about about Membership benefits?
You can purchase a Picturehouse Membership now by visiting and selecting your local cinema. Alternatively, you can buy one at the box office of any of our cinemas. Join us!

I recently became a Member but still haven't received my Membership card. How do I get one?
We don't send Membership Cards in the post if you are a new Member. If your Membership was bought online or over the phone you would have been sent a Temporary Card Number in your Membership Confirmation email. You can collect your shiny new Membership Card from the Box Office of your local Picturehouse at any time by presenting your Temporary Card Number to Box Office Staff.

I forgot my Membership card. Can I still use my Membership at the cinema?
We do require a valid Membership Card for you to claim your Member Free Tickets and discounts. You can also access a digital Membership Card on the Picturehouse App to present on your phone.

I’ve lost my Membership card, or I think it’s been stolen. How do I get a new one?
You can get a new membership card in person at the Box Office, as long as you can provide your Membership card number. You can use the digital Membership Card on the Picturehouse App, or if you call the Membership hotline 0207 733 2229, we can find out your Membership card number after a few security questions.

Can I buy a Membership as a gift?
Yes! You can purchase a Gift Membership online by visting our online Gift Shop. If you'd like the Membership Card posted directly to the giftee, make sure you enter their details under "Postage Details".

Alternatively, pop into your local Picturehouse or give us a call on 0871 902 5747 for further details.

How do I access my Member tickets online?
Picturehouse Members must sign in to the website using their online password in order to access their Member tickets. Once signed in, Members can book tickets for fellow Members by entering different card numbers in the relevant field.

To get Member discounts or use your Member Free Tickets via the Picturehouse App, Members must sign in using their account information first. Download and find out more on Picturehouse Spotlight.

Why do free Members' previews 'sell' out so fast?
We arrange Members' previews with the relevant film's distributor and very often share the auditorium with a media partner. This allows the distributor to generate extra publicity for the film by offering a newspaper half the available tickets, while we get to have the previews in our cinemas and offer the other half to our Members. As you would expect demand for our half of the tickets is extremely high and we endeavour to publicise as clearly as possible when tickets are made available (make sure you are subscribed to the relevant cinema email newsletter). It is important to state that previews are a perk for Members and we cannot guarantee them or that every Member will get a ticket.

How can I see how many Member Free Tickets I have remaining or check my renewal date?
You can check your remaining Member Free Ticket credits, find out your Membership expiry data and see all your purchases by accessing your MyPicturehouse on the website or logging in via the App. As a Member you will receive Membership updates via email as long as your email address is linked to your Membership and is correct.

Do I have a MyPicturehouse account?
In order to book tickets online and access MyPicturehouse via the website or App, you must have a username and password. If you purchased your Membership online you created your username and password when you made your Membership purchase. If you bought your Membership at Box Office or over the phone, you need to Activate your Membership

How do I become a Premium Member?
Premium Members enjoy exclusive benefits including 20% off food, drinks and snacks, a personalised Premium Membership Card and invitations to Premium Previews - all on top of existing Membership benefits. To qualify for Premium you must have been a Member for a year or more. In order to keep Premium benefits you must renew your Membership before your next renewal date.

I’m in my first year of Membership and want to renew now to get Premium benefits. Is that possible?
Afraid not. You can renew any time during your Membership but you will only qualify as a Premium Member and get the new benefits after you have completed your first year in full.

When will I receive the new Premium Membership card?
Premium Members will receive their shiny new personalised Premium Membership Card after their next renewal, as long as their first year is complete. It's important that you check your postal address by accessing MyPicturehouse.

Are there any other incentives for renewing?
Yes. You can get £10 off your renewal if your choose Member Plus.

Can Student Members become a Premium Member?
No. Premium does not apply to our Student Membership scheme. Student Members already get 25% off food, drinks and snacks at our cinemas.

As a Premium Member, how do I not pay extra on 3D screenings?
Premium Members only get 3D surcharges waived if they book in person at the Box Office.

How to redeem a Gift Membership or Voucher

Have you received a Gift Membership? Congratulations! You’re just a few steps away from becoming a fully-fledged Picturhouse Member.

You can redeem your Gift Membership for your Picturehouse Membership now. To redeem online, simply select the Membership below (select the item that has been ticked on your Gift Membership sleeve or email) and complete your details. Then, hit the “Pay Now” button and on the payment page enter the number on your Gift Membership card in the Gift Voucher No. field. That's it!

Would you like to upgrade your Membership? Easy! Select the Membership you desire and you will be prompted to pay the difference.

Select the type of Membership you'd like:

Once you have purchased your new Picturehouse Membership you will receive an email confirmation. The email will include your temporary Membership information so you can start using your benefits straight-away. The next time you visit the cinema remember to pick up your brand new Picturehouse Membership card.

Got a question? Ask at staff at your local cinema or contact our Membership hotline on 0207 733 2229

Full terms and conditions

How to redeem a Gift Card or e-Gift voucher

At the box office
Your Gift Card can be redeemed for cinema tickets, Membership or food and drink at any of our kiosks cafés and restaurants. Simply present your Gift Card or e-Gift voucher to the staff member when asked for payment.

You can use your Gift Card or e-Gift voucher to purchase tickets or Membership on our website. For tickets, simply select the tickets for a film or event and on the Confirmation Selection page enter your Gift Card number in the relevant field. For Membership, go to select your local Picturehouse and choose the Membership that's right for you. Enter your details and on the payment page enter your Gift Card number on the relevant field.

Picturehouse App and telephone booking line
To use your Gift Card or e-Gift voucher to make a purchase via the Picturehouse App or by calling the booking line, your Gift Card must have enough funds to cover the whole transactions

Full Terms & Conditions

Lost Property

I’ve lost something at the cinema. How do I get it back?
Let the cinema staff know either in person after or over the phone on our Customer Service line 0207 326 2649, after 10am. You will need to provide a description of the item, and when and where you lost it.

Food & Drink

Can I bring my own food and drink with me in to the cinema?
Yes. As long as it isn’t alcoholic, in a glass container, or hot and/or smelly food, we will allow you to bring it in with you. So soft drinks and quiet snacks are allowed.

I bought an alcoholic drink at the bar, can I take it in to the cinema?
Absolutely. All our auditoria are fully-licensed. If you have purchased an alcoholic drink at the bar or kiosk, you may bring it in to the screening unless otherwise instructed. Make sure to let a member of staff know so we can provide you with a safe plastic container for your beverage.

Need more help?

You can contact us on one of the numbers listed below.

  • Bookings: 08719 025 747
  • Customer Service: 0207 326 2649
  • Membership: 0207 733 2229
  • Refunds: 0207 018 3629
  • Accessibility: 0207 294 7908