We tremendously value the positive feedback and support we've received from customers at Picturehouse since our reopening, and we appreciate all our visitors' adherence to the changes implemented to help ease the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). In keeping with Government guidelines, from July 19 2021 onwards some of the practices put in place will be adjusted. 

The physical distancing limit has been lowered to 1 meter, and this will be reflected in our screens and in public areas like cafés and bars. Our screenings will continue to have allocated seating, ensuring audiences can check screen capacity and choose their own seat.

Access to sanitisation stations, rigorous cleaning procedures, and our updated refund policies remain the same, and social distancing and face coverings remain mandatory for both staff and visitors unless exempt – all of which ensure that everyone will continue to feel safe and comfortable at Picturehouse.

Above all, we aim to continue to ensure that both customers and employees will continue to feel safe and comfortable at Picturehouse.

What safety precautions do Picturehouse have in place?

As always, the health and wellbeing of our employees and customers is our number one priority. In light of the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and government advice, we have put a number of safety measures in place which will allow us to provide a safe environment for our employees and customers.

  • Visitors must scan the NHS COVID-19 QR code to check in to the building on arrival, but are no longer required to. Customers aged 16 or over who do not have the app can utilise our GDPR compliant manual system whereby details will be written on slips and stored confidentially for 21 days.
  • Social distancing is required, but guidelines have been reduced from a 2 meter distance to 1 meter.  Venues have been taken into consideration and will remain easy and safe for customers to access and navigate without concern.
  • Film screenings will have staggered start times to allow for safe entry and exit of the cinema.

  • We have implemented new allocated seating in our screens to ensure a 1 metre distance between customers from different households. 
  • Hand sanitiser stations will remain set up at each cinema for customers and employees to use.
  • Our already high cleaning standards will continue and we will regularly sanitise the high touch points within the cinema.
  • Face coverings remain mandatory for all visitors and staff members unless exempt. Our staff will be provided with face coverings and/or visors as part of their uniform, and all employees will receive specific COVID-19 training. 
  • Protective screens remain in use at our kiosk areas.
  • Contactless payments are encouraged. 
  • Cafes, bars and restaurants will be open.
  • We are taking part in English and Scottish public health authorities' Coronavirus (COVID-19) Contact Tracing/Test and Protect scheme. This continues to be mandatory in Scotland. To find out more, please see our privacy notice here.

  • Will you be maintaining social distancing at your cinemas? 

    Social distancing remains in place in our cinemas in Scotland, but will be adjusted from a recommended 2m distance to a 1m distance following Government guidance. 

    Will face coverings be mandatory for customers and your staff? 

    Face coverings remain mandatory for customers and employees. Customers may remove their face coverings when seated, and when eating and drinking, both in screens or in our cafes, bars and restaurants.

    Are there any exemptions to wearing face coverings in your cinemas? 

    Yes, the following groups are exempt and won't need to wear face coverings in our cinemas:

    *Children under 11

    *People unable to wear face coverings because of an illness or a physical or learning disability

    *Carers/companions providing assistance to someone who relies on lip reading to communicate

    *People who feel that wearing a face covering would cause them severe distress

    We recommend customers who are exempt please let the member of staff serving them know. Staff will be trained not to challenge customers in relation to the above exemptions but instead to take the customer at their word.

    Will your refund policy be changing?

    Our refund policy has been adjusted to ensure flexibility for customers who are exposed to COVID-19, exhibit COVID-19 symptoms, or are unable to make the screening for other reasons.

    Customers are able to receive a refund up to 2 hours before their show, minus booking fees.

    Refunds are only available through our Customer Care team who will be happy to help you with this. Please call 0207 018 3629 (calls charged at your local rate). The customer care team is available from 10am - 6pm daily. 

    How will toilets operate safely? 

    Distancing measures in our toilets continue to be in place. Toilets will be cleaned frequently and the frequency of checks will be increased. Where possible, there will be staff members monitoring the toilets during busy periods and controlling capacity. We will be working together with our customers to ensure that toilets are clean and safe at all times. 

    I have symptoms of COVID-19, can I receive a refund on my tickets?

    Following government guidance, we ask that you and members of your household do not come to the cinema if one of you is showing symptoms.

    If you or a member of your household have symptoms of COVID-19, please call our Customer Care team on 0207 018 3629 (calls charged at your local rate), who will be able to help issue you a refund (minus any booking fees) up to 2 hours before your show.

    How will you monitor the number of people in the toilets at one time? 

    Each cinema has been assessed separately and toilets will have a maximum capacity, depending on the size, and there will be clear signage indicating this. Where possible, there will be staff members monitoring the toilets during busy periods and controlling capacity.

    Where will hand sanitiser be placed in the cinema? 

    All cinemas will have at least one sanitisation station which will contain hand sanitising gel. The locations will vary from cinema to cinema depending on layout. 

    How will you ensure social distancing if customers choose to leave the screen during the film to use the toilet or purchase food/drinks? 

    With reduced capacity and the allocated seating system, customers passing other groups in the same row outside of their group should be minimal and therefore extremely low risk. How will you monitor people entering and leaving the cinema screen in a safe manner before/after a film?

    There will be a member of staff present before and after each screening, monitoring and ensuring the safe entry/exit of our customers.

    What happens if a customer is showing symptoms once they are in the cinema?

    If you or a member of your household begins to show symptoms of COVID-19, we strongly recommend that you do not attend the cinema. 

    If a customer is showing symptoms, or advises staff once they're in the building that they may have symptoms, we will respectfully have to ask them and their group to leave to ensure the safety of fellow customers and staff. 

    How will you monitor families/bubbles sitting together?

    When customers are booking tickets online, or in a cinema, we will remind customers that customers are required to sit with their households. 

    We will encourage our customers to respect other customers and staff whilst in our cinemas and ensure they are using the allocated seating system. 

    There will also be more frequent screen checks, to ensure that customers remember to remain in their allocated seat.

    Can I bring my buggy to Big Scream screenings?

    Buggies are welcome, but if possible and to avoid disappointment please consider alternative options as storage space is limited. 

    How will you ensure social distancing in the screen if customers purchase their tickets last minute at the cinema (rather than online?)

    All tickets will be allocated a seat which is a safe distance away from others. The exact distances will vary depending on screen size but they will always be 1 meter plus, in line with government guidance.

    Do you ensure social/physical distancing in screen when booking tickets online?

    Yes we do. Please note that when choosing your seats, our website will automatically ensure that social distancing is in place between other customers outside of your group. This may not be immediately apparent on screen when selecting your seats. The exact distances will vary depending on screen size but they will always be 1 meter plus, in line with government guidance.

    Will I be able to pay with cash?

    Yes, but contactless payments are preferred and encouraged for the safety of our customers and staff. There will be a limited number of cash tills in each cinema. All tills can accept contactless methods and the limit on payments has been raised to £45 now. 

    Will I be able to buy tickets at the cinema? 

    Whilst there will be capacity to buy tickets at our cinemas, we would encourage all customers to book in advance. 

    Will I be able to buy food and drink at the cinema? 

    Our kiosks will be fully stocked and our wide range of delicious snacks and drinks remain available. Cafes, bars and restaurants will also be open, with our exciting new menu available for all. Please check your local Picturehouse Cinema page for more information.

    I still need a ticket refund, what do I do? 

    Please contact our Customer Care team on [email protected] and we'll be happy to help. 

    Will my Picturehouse gift card/gift box still be valid? 

    Yes, all Picturehouse gift cards and gift boxes will be accepted until 31 December 2021. 

    Can I access my MyPicturehouse account now?

    Yes, MyPicturehouse remains open and easy to use. 

    I received complimentary ticket codes or retail voucher codes that have expired/are due to expire. Will I get new ones?

    If you received your complimentary tickets from the Picturehouse Customer Care team, please email us on [email protected] 

    If you received your tickets through a third party, such as an employee perks scheme, please contact the scheme direct. 

    How do I get in contact with you?

    Please contact our customer care team on [email protected] and we'll be happy to help. The customer care team is available from 10am - 6pm daily, and look forward to helping you with your visit.