Ghost Stories

Director: Andy Nyman Jeremy Dyson
Starring: Andy Nyman, Martin Freeman, Paul Whitehouse
Duration: 98 min

Ardent skeptic of all that goes bump in the night, Professor Goodman (Nyman) is launched into a spook-filled quest when he receives a letter from beyond the grave. It’s from presumed-dead parapsychologist Charles Cameron (Leonard Byrne), who vanished fifteen years earlier. Now Cameron is asking for rational answers to his horrifying experiences. Goodman’s investigation leads him to a long-forgotten file detailing three haunting cases from three tormented individuals. As he digs deeper into each uncanny incident, all that he once believed – and his sanity – is thrown into question. Co-directed by The League of Gentlemen’s Jeremy Dyson, Ghost Stories is a ghoulish playground for the undead and otherworldly – and there’s no hiding from the bogeyman here.

7.1/10 14 ratings.

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Wed 25th Apr
16.00 21.20
Thu 26th Apr
Fri 27th Apr
12.25 18.45
Sat 28th Apr
Sun 29th Apr
Mon 30th Apr
Tue 1st May
Wed 2nd May
13.40 21.20
Thu 3rd May

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