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Dara, Lily, & Nika.

30 Mar 23

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Here's some Fresh Takes on the dazzling new rom-com Rye Lane.  If you haven't seen it yet, book your tickets here.

Dara Adeyemi, 21.

Dara lives in London and is currently working as a Producer's Assistant and Post Production Coordinator for a feature film called Over The Bridge. 

Dara says...

Rye Lane rekindles our love for romantic comedies. Reminiscent of my teenage years when Wattpad stories had us escaping to toilets to read (and sometimes cry) about what 'pretending to be his girlfriend' or 'making an "iconic" bounce back' could look like, Rye Lane took me on an adventure. 

In true Gen Z fashion, the film's aesthetic is 'on point'. Bold colours adorn the costumes and the anamorphic lenses used to shoot give the picture an 'artsy edginess'. This, together with the film's soundtrack, confidently displays London's vibrant culture.

Similar to Babylon (2022), Empire of Light (2022) and Spielberg's The Fablemans (2022), Rye Lane is also an ode to cinema: the scenes set in the cinema facilitate the many layers of storytelling that film can present all at once.

For the ultimate experience of this pioneering film, be sure to catch Rye Lane at a Picturehouse Cinema near you!

Lily, 18.

Lily is a first year Film Studies and Drama student, passionate about video editing and content creation. I always look for a unique plotline and its connection with the filming and editing style of the film. 

Lily says...

As a teenager who grew up on comedy dramas, it was important for me to see an original, non-clichéd ending to a rom-com. We're all tired of the guy sneaking into the airport without a ticket 5 minutes before the plane takes off, whose girlfriend miraculously decides not to get on the plane.

Premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, Rye Lane is the first feature film from Raine Allen-Miller. Scripted by Nathan Bryon and Tom Melia, this story takes place in vibrant, underrepresented parts of South London, where two young people discover each other's most intimate secrets. 

Rye Lane reveals eternal problems in a unique and extraordinary way. A certain atmosphere of childishness pervades, but it does not harm the film in any way, rather complementing the bright locations, unpredictable plot and excellent editing; filmed by Olan Collardy, the bright colours of the shots will definitely not leave any viewer indifferent.

Crucially, the ending of the film pleasantly surprised me, filling me with hope that rom-coms can follow an original plot and a logical storyline.

Throughout the film, its protagonists Dom and Yas share stories from their past, and the director employs an approach whereby the characters are transported into the past and give advice to themselves. This technique brings them closer to the audience – and makes our hearts beat a little faster.

Nika, 18.

Nika is a first-year undergraduate student at QMUL, studying English. Currently an Audience Development intern at Arts Picturehouse. Read her piece on Picturehouse's Green Screen Programme here.

Nika says...

A zippy, colourful, and high-spirited movie, Rye Lane is a feel-good story that was a delight to watch. The actors' lines are laced with energy, and every shot is vividly multi-coloured.

The plot follows Dom and Yas, two young people who happen to meet at a crossroads: both post-breakup, they're wondering where they will go next.

It is a humorous and yet still genuine story of human connection, self-growth, and ultimately new beginnings.

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