Give Us Your Fresh Takes

16-25? Do you love films? Do you have views and opinions you'd like to share?

The Picturehouse Team

30 Mar 23

Whatever type of film floats your boat, if you are aged 16—25 and want to join our group of Fresh Takes film reviewers, we want to hear from you! 

To be eligible you need to be signed up for the free Picturehouse U25 scheme for 16—25-year-olds — find out more at

Once you are signed up for the U25 scheme, register your interest in becoming a film reviewer by completing this form.

If you are selected to be a Fresh Takes reviewer and write a piece about a film for us, we will provide a pair of free tickets to see the film at your local Picturehouse and ask that you provide a review of no longer than 250 words within 48 hours of viewing the film.

Reviews will be shared on our website at and the best review each month will receive a free year's membership for their Local Picturehouse.

*As well as enabling you to be a Fresh Takes reviewer, you will get access to cinema tickets at Picturehouse cinemas Monday—Thursday for just £5.99 (£4.99 outside of London).

For more details on our U25 Membership, go to Not a Member of U25? Join Now!