Green Screen Celebrates The Great Big Green Week

10—18 June (and beyond)

The Picturehouse Team

26 May 23

Picturehouse is delighted to announce Green Screen Celebrates The Great Big Green Week with four moving, exhilarating, motivating and completely unique environmental documentaries playing at various sites across the estate followed by live expert panels including the films' directors with everyone then invited to 'continue the conversation' in our bars and cafes. 

The Green Screen is a safe space to connect and discuss the issues raised by the films offering advice and suggestions for what you can do in your community and a free tea or filter coffee is available if you bring your keep cup to the post-event chat. 

Race For The Future + Q&A

Finsbury Park,
  10 Jun, 17.00 Book Now

Brighton  |  11 June, 17.15 Book Now

Hackney  |  13 Jun, 20.00 Book Now

Bath  |  17 Jun, 17.30 Book Now

Cambridge  |  19 Jun, 17.30 Book Now

Oxford  |  21 Jun, 18.00 Book Now

Exeter  |  22 Jun, 19.45 Book Now

Norwich  |  26 Jun, 18.00 Book Now

Ritzy  |  Jul 5, 20.00 Book Now

The Nettle Dress + Q&A

  |  10 Jun, 14.00 — Book Now

Crouch End  | 11 Jun, 17.00 — Book Now

Norwich  |  14 Jun, 18.15 — Book Now

York  |  13 Jun, 19.30 (Recorded) — Book Now

Specially pre-recorded interview with Dir. Dylan Howitt and subject/artist Allan Brown with exclusive unseen footage and an original song by folk artist Liz Pearson.

Finite + Q&A

Clapham  |  11 Jun, 19.00
 — Book Now

Exeter  |  10 Jun, 14.40 — Book Now

Fulham  |  13 Jun, 18.30 — Book Now

West Norwood  |  12 Jun, 19.30 — Book Now

Fashion Reimagined + Q&A


15 Jun, 19.00 — Book Now

In collaboration with Greener Henley. Followed by a discussion with Dachinii Lee-Hewitt (founder, Ananci Studio) and moderator Carol Crowdy.

This is a Green screening so all ticket holders are invited to 'Continue the Conversation' following the event in our upstairs seating area cordoned off especially. Free tea/filter coffee for those who bring their keep cups.