Get £1 tickets at our Film Club

More films. More treats. Only £1.

The Picturehouse Team

01 Mar 24

In the mood for a flat white and a festival favourite? A herbal tea and a Hollywood classic? Our Members get both – for only £1 each. Welcome to the Film Club!

From 04 March, Members can enjoy two curated films a week for only £1.

These special screenings could be any film – old or new, homegrown or globe-trotting – but with our finest film-loving minds choosing it, you're guaranteed something special.

You also get another £1 bonus: your choice of our teas and barista-made coffees for only £1*. Go on, treat yourself.

Any questions?

How do I find the £1 Film Club films?

If you're signed up for our newsletters, we'll let you know what you can watch every week. On our website? Head to On the Picturehouse app? Just search for 'Film Club' – it'll be in the title of the listing.

What drinks can I get for £1, and when can I get them?

You can get any of our teas and barista coffees* for £1, on weekdays until 17.00 – that's roughly three drinks for the price of your average high street coffee. You can still use your Membership discount to save on anything else you'd like.

What about our free Discover and reDiscover films?

Discover and reDiscover films will sometimes be included in Film Club, but not always – you'll also find new releases, exciting previews, cult classics from our Culture Shock strand, and more. Keep an eye out for 'Film Club' in the title to find the films that qualify. 

Film Club gives our Members even more options for a fraction of a ticket's price and guarantees you won't miss out on a seat (we know our Members love to book their favourite). You can watch 8 films at Film Club for less than the price of one standard Member ticket – that's a whole lot of film. 

This also means more of what you love. For example: if you're not a horror fan and we're doing a reDiscover season of vampire films, you won't miss out on using your Member perks because you don't want to spend every Sunday night with Nosferatu.

I have another question!

As always, you can reach out to our Membership team – we'd be happy to chat with you. Call our dedicated Membership line on 0207 733 2229 or head to for more options.

*Terms and Conditions apply. Offer ends 30 September 2024. £1 hot drinks available from Mon-Fri until 17.00, excludes hot chocolate and seasonal hot drinks.