SFFL 2019: Apollo 11

Director: Todd Douglas Miller
Duration: 93 min

UK premiere

NASA’s vaults open for the first time to reveal exquisite, never-before-seen audio and 70-mm film footage of the Apollo 11 mission. The meandering cameras in Cape Canaveral capture a dreamy-eyed portrait of America as it stepped into the future, and from inside the Apollo 11 spacecraft, the amazingly jocular conversation of the astronauts punctuates each stage of the mission with lightness and charm. The crowds watching the rocket, however, are oblivious to the enormous pressure mission control is under to succeed.

Director Todd Miller takes you straight to the heart of this intense scientific and human endeavour, sharing the atmosphere and action from the final moments of the preparation, lift-off, landing and return of the famed moon-landing mission. The footage is so clean and vibrant, it’s as if you’re there standing at the base of the rocket. Exquisitely crafted and realised, this truly immersive experience offers a new look into one of humanity’s greatest achievements, leaving us to marvel at human ingenuity and the impulse that led humanity to space.

Director Todd Douglas Miller will be in attendance.

Winner - U.S. Documentary Special Jury Award for Editing

Club and Group screenings

Fri 31st May 18.15 Sundance Film Festival: London.
Fri 31st May 18.35 Sundance Film Festival: London.
Sun 2nd Jun 11.00 Sundance Film Festival: London.

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