Limina VR Weekender: The Wild

Duration: 50 min

The Limina VR Weekender
Presented by Limina Immersive, in partnership with Royal Holloway university
For ages 13+

We are proud to present the Limina VR Weekender, an opportunity to discover a range of world-class, artistic VR experiences right here at Picturehouse Central.

Works will be presented in Limina’s unique ‘VR Theatre’ space - a relaxed and calm environment for collectively experiencing VR, enabling you to discover the layers of meaning behind each virtual experience.

We’ll be presenting different VR Sessions which delve into a particular theme and transport you on a unique journey. Each session will be approximately 50 minutes long.

What is wilderness? And in our human-dominated planet, does genuine wilderness even exist anymore? Meditate upon these questions in these breathtaking VR experiences while plunging yourself into some of the world’s most untouched landscapes. See Ethiopian mountain wolves, soak in Patagonia and listen to the true sound of silence in these thought-provoking and beautiful VR films.

Shows start at specified time on ticket, please arrive 10 minutes early.


LONGING FOR WILDERNESS // Epic Scapes, Marc Zimmerman
Longing for Wilderness is a 360° VR-experience that takes you from the noisy city through the slowly transforming forest towards a calm and airy landscape. It seeks to express our innate longing to experience nature in its rawest form.

SANCTUARIES OF SILENCE // Adam Loften, Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee
Silence just might be on the verge of extinction and acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton believes that even the most remote corners of the globe are impacted by noise pollution. In Sanctuaries of Silence, join Hempton on an immersive listening journey into Olympic National Park, one of the quietest places in North America.

The wilderness of Patagonia – shared by Argentina and Chile – has frequently been threatened by logging and oil industries. But in January, Chile signed a historic act of conservation, creating five protected national parks covering 4m hectares. Take an immersive journey through the wilds of Patagonia whilst exploring what wilderness really means.

THE 500 // Biome Productions
The 500 is the story of one man who is dedicated to saving one of the world’s most endangered species – the Ethiopian wolf. The experience was created by Bristol’s natural history VR innovators, Biome Productions. With less than 500 individuals, the Ethiopian wolf is on the brink of extinction, and for Alo Hussein, these wolves are family.

General admission screenings

Sat 1st Dec
11.00 14.00 20.00
Sun 2nd Dec
11.00 14.00 20.00

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