Jackie Brown

Dir: Quentin Tarantino. 1997.

Firmly stamped with Tarantino's trademark visual flair, hip dialogue, supreme soundtrack and cool stars, JACKIE BROWN is also one of his most mature and emotionally satisfying works.

Brilliantly adapted from Elmore Leonard's novel Rum Punch, the film stars '70s icon Pam Grier as an airline stewardess who, caught smuggling cash by the Feds, is offered the chance to save herself by leading them to Ordell Robbie (Samuel L. Jackson), the arms dealer she works for.

With the help of a sympathetic bail bondsman (an Oscar-nominated Robert Forster), she comes up with a bold, almost foolhardy plan to play the violent Ordell off against the determined cops and in doing so walk away with a fortune.

Influenced by the '70s chic, colourful characters, pumped-up music and non-stop action that were hallmarks of classic Blaxploitation films, Tarantino has imbued JACKIE BROWN with his distinctive touch.

But the real success of the film lies in the masterful performance of Pam Grier as a strong woman with the ability to take retribution on the men who challenge her.

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