The Watersprite Pop-Up Presents: Coming of Age in Distinct Destinations

The Arts Picturehouse are thrilled to be partnering with The Watersprite Film Festival Youth Programming Group to present their new Pop-Up cinema project: ‘Coming of Age in Distinct Destinations’.

The Picturehouse Team

15 Jan 24

In this season of monthly screenings inspired by the wide variety of international submissions, audiences will travel all over the world, exploring classic and new coming of age stories of different genres that will resonate with everyone. From Paris's urban jungle in the 1960s to the breathtaking natural Chinese landscape of the 19th century, this season will be a space to lose yourself in mesmerising locations that are the settings for transformative stories.

Through these events, we present five of our favourite films that will take you on a journey, visually and internally, to be watched with a community of film lovers.


Coming of Age in Distinct Destinations: Dens and Hollows

Fantastic Mr. Fox — Monday 19 February, 6.00pm.

For our fifth screening, we present Wes Anderson's first animated film, Fantastic Mr. Fox. We are brought to to rural England for a classic tale from author Roald Dahl. Here we get to know a community of animals and follow them as they fight with local farmers. Among this community, the animals learn major life lessons and come to understand the true meaning of community.

The distinct and vibrant autumnal backdrop of the English Countryside is almost a character of its own, drawing you into the story and the world of Mr Fox. An exciting action adventure in this world is inviting and you are on a wild ride with truly wild animals.

Past Screenings

Coming of Age in Distinct Destinations: South London Today

Rye Lane— Monday 16 October, 6.30pm.

Raine Allen Millar's recent critically acclaimed debut romantic-comedy stars Vivian Oparah (Class, The Rebel) and David Jonsson (Industry, Deep State), as Yas and Dom, two twenty-somethings both reeling from bad break-ups, who connect over the course of an eventful day in South London - helping each other deal with their nightmare exes, and potentially restoring their faith in romance. South London is its own character in Rye Lane; every frame is a colourful display of daily life in the lively neighbourhood. It is the perfect backdrop for the two characters to overcome their romantic losses, and the audience can watch Yas and Dom grow as individuals.

Coming of Age in Distinct Destinations: 19th Century China

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon — Monday 13 November, 6.30pm.

For our second screening, we transport you to 19th-century China in Ang Lee's action packed and box office smash Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Based on the Chinese novel of the same name, the film follows a renowned swordsman (Chow Yun-Fat) as he gives his 400-year-old sword, Green Destiny, to his forbidden lover and remarkable warrior (Michelle Yeoh) to deliver for safe keeping in Beijing. When it is stolen, a dramatic chain of events is set off as they navigate a treacherous web of stolen secrets, unfulfilled passions and unspoken feelings.

Through this event we shall immerse ourselves in the stunning surroundings of this historical Chinese landscape and see how the adventure and emotion unfolds, especially that of the prolific heroines of the film.

Coming of Age in Distinct Destinations: Chicago, 1985

Ferris Bueller's Day Off — Monday 4 December, 6.30pm.

In collaboration with Watersprite's Creative Futures, we will be showing the timeless 80s teen classic and endlessly quotable Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Following the famously self-aware Ferris and his friends as they skip school and spend a day all over Chicago, this film is John Hughes' love letter to the American city, with a simple yet fun and earnest story of adolescence.

Through this event, we shall see how Hughes wondrously recaptures the life and people of Chicago, and how the setting allows for a coming of age story such as this to create such a powerful connection between the audience and its characters. You will undoubtedly leave wanting to seize the day, just like Ferris and his friends learn to do.

Coming of Age in Distinct Destinations: 1960s Paris

Cleo from 5 to 7 — Monday 15 January, 6.30pm.

The fourth screening will bring you to the chic and lively Paris of the 1960s through a more existential lens in this French New Wave masterpiece: Agnes Varda's Cleo from 5 to 7. Cleo (Corinne Marchand) avoids reality by haphazardly journeying around Paris in real-time, while awaiting the results of her cancer tests.

Through this event we shall see a Paris that no longer exists; a Paris from a specific moment in time, one that still feels so fresh and emotionally vibrant. Questions of life and death will be raised as Cleo wanders around the buzzing city and comes to terms with her potential fate.

With the support of the BFI Film Audience Network, awarding funds from the National Lottery in order to bring this project to more audiences across the UK.