The Surprise Film Returns This September

Take another leap into the cinematic unknown on Friday, 6th September!

Anton Volkov

15 Aug 19

Just a few weeks ago, we were excited to introduce our first Surprise Film screenings at Picturehouses across the country. We kicked things off with a preview of Gurinder Chadha's delightful Blunded By The Light, a week before its general release!

With the success of our first screening, we are delighted to bring the Surprise Film back on Friday, 6th September! As last time, it will be a preview of an anticipated release - you'll be some of the first audiences in the UK to see this film. And no, we still won't be giving any clues* (not even the runtime).

But what we can say is that tickets cost just £8 (£5 for Picturehouse Members). So be sure to click below to get your tickets - don't miss out...

Find your nearest Picturehouse and book tickets now.

* Bribery still not tolerated.