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04 Aug 23

Did you know that Picturehouse Cinemas are home to the UK's longest-running cinema podcast? The Love Of Cinema, proudly supported by Kia.

Each month, the podcast team get together to discuss some of the best new films coming to your local Picturehouse.

Every show, longtime host Sam Clements is joined by a couple of guest film critics to talk about the most exciting releases now showing on the big screen.

Previous guest hosts include Chris Hewitt, Rhianna Dhillon, James King, Terri White, Beth Webb, Amon Warmann, Christina Newland and many, many others, each and every month.

We also talk to the directors, actors, producers, writers and so many other talented people behind the films we screen at Picturehouse. These conversations make up our regular bonus episodes each month, recent guests include Kenneth Branagh, Sam Raimi, Andrea Arnold, Ruth Wilson and Paul Thomas Anderson, to name just a few. Be sure to subscribe to our podcast feed so you don't miss an episode!

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The Love Of Cinema - A Picturehouse Podcast, proudly supported by Kia.

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