Rosé Tinted Glasses

Jamie Ford introduces us to some of our fave Summer tipples.

Jamie Ford

26 Apr 19

Undeniably the drink for balmy summer days and long, bright evenings, rosé may be on-trend right now but it's far from a new phenomenon. In fact, many of the first wines ever made were rosés. The Romans, in particular, understood the power of the pink stuff, using the red and white grapes that grew side by side in their fields to create refreshing, gluggable wines. 

Over the years, rosé has dipped in and out of fashion. In the '40s, Mateus Rosé (and its iconic bulbous bottle) was a huge success, but didn't do much for the wine's reputation in general. Pink Zinfandel was all the rage in the '80s; the '90s produced nothing of note; and since the turn of the millennium, pale pink rosé has led the way. These days we can take our pick of the pinks, from the light, pale Provençale style to the fruity, deeper hues. Here are two of our favourites for a summer tipple. 

Two to sample

Mirabeau Classic | Provence, France

Grown in the heart of Provence by a Brit, this award-winning wine is rose pink with aromas and flavours of wild strawberry, raspberry and redcurrant. It's refreshing, crisp and easy to drink, and delicious with light bites and salty snacks. Robert Parker's Wine Advocate described Mirabeau as "about as good as Provençale rosés get". We couldn't agree more.

Filarino, Sangiovese Rosato | Emilia-Romagna, Italy 

Winemakers Poderi dal Nespoli hail from the southern part of Emilia-Romagna in Italy, where the Tuscan Apennines connect to the Adriatic Coast. The Ravaioli family established the winery in 1929, and they run it today with the same passion for the land that they did 90 years ago. This lively number, which doesn't take life too seriously, is made from the Sangiovese grape. It's juicy and fruity, with flavours of wild roses, pomegranate and cherries. The Mirabeau Classic is a summer special, and the Filarino is a permanent fixture in your local Picturehouse.