Picturehouse Green Screen presents: X Trillion

Picturehouse Green Screen is proud to present X Trillion, touring our sites with a live panel conversation following the film.

The Picturehouse Team

19 Jun 24

From director Eleanor Church, X Trillion follows the gruelling journey of eXXpedition's all-women crew led by Emily Penn as they sail 3,000 miles across the North Pacific Ocean through the densest accumulation of ocean plastic on the planet to make the unseen, seen. 

Green Screen is a community-led space to discuss environmental issues raised in the films we show. Everyone is welcome to continue the conversation after the film in your cinema's meeting space – enjoy a free tea or filter coffee when you bring a keep cup!

Nationwide Panel Tour

Join us for a nationwide panel tour to accompany screenings of X Trillion.

The below screenings will have focused discussions in our bars/cafes following the screenings and panel events.

Ticketholders who bring their own keep cup to the post-screening discussion will get free tea or filter coffee.

Panel details will be updated as they are confirmed.

Thurs 04 July   |  Phoenix, Oxford 

Eleanor Church (Director)

Rhys Kelham (Perkin Elmer)
Rhys is the FTIR application specialist for UK and Ireland. FTIR is the most widely used non-destructive technique for the identification of polymers/plastics. This can be on a larger macro scale or down to 10um using a FTIR microscope. 
The technology that Perkin Elmer make are used to identify what microplastics were before they broke down by identifying their polymer profile. This equipment was used on subsequent eXXpedition research trips and is used by water companies, for example, to identify what is in the water system.

Adam Herriott (WRAP)
Adam is a Specialist lead for Plastics at WRAP and a Chartered Resource and Waste Manager with over a decade of industry experience. He plays a key role in delivering the UK Plastics Pact and contributes to various advisory boards, influencing policy and technology development in sustainable plastic practices.

Chaired by Rosie Polya
Rosie is an Assistant Producer with a background in Public Health. Her TV career has spanned exploring longevity with Chris Hemsworth to using genetics to unlock the history of Rapa Nui (Easter Island). Prior to this, as an epidemiologist she researched health inequalities and the rising levels of multi-morbidity in the UK.

Sun 07 July  |  Harbour Lights, Southampton 

Verity Wislocki (Producer) 

Dan Reading (Sports Giants
"We founded Sporting Giants to provide support to those interested in sustainable sport, covering environmental, social and commercial perspectives. We have quickly become a trusted resource for sports professionals seeking genuine, solution-oriented experts who understand the challenges and pressures of the industry, drawing on our experience in brands, federations, and events across sports. Having initially met while working at World Sailing, the world governing body for the sport, we recognised the significant synergies between sustainability and business strategy. This realisation inspired us to extend these principles and experience beyond sailing."

Katrina Ayling (Nurdle & Surfers Against Sewage
Katrina Ayling has been involved in the fight against plastic pollution since 2018, initially organising beach cleans in the Southampton area during her maternity leave, she progressed to became a Surfers Against Sewage Rep in 2019.  During her time as a rep Katrina headed up a campaign with other local SAS reps to raise awareness of the devasting micro plastic pollution leaking from plastic factories and smothering Chessel Bay, a nature reserve and SSSI.  This campaign led to a successful clean up operation spanning 6 months in 2023 in collaboration with Nurdle Coasts, Southampton City Council and Southampton University.  Katrina has recently been appointed as UK Clean Up – Operations Manager for Nurdle Coasts heading up their latest mission to tackle plastic pollution on the UKs most impacted coastlines.

Chaired by Claudia Murg (We Make Southampton)
Community Media

Tues 16 July |  Ritzy, Brixton

Chairperson: Verity Wislocki

Director Eleanor Church 

Harriet Lamb, WRAP CEO 

Milo Mcloughlin-Greening (Batch Works

Thurs 18 July   |  Duke's at Komedia, Brighton

Chairperson: Verity Wislocki

Director Eleanor Church

Cat Fletcher (Waste House Brighton / Freegle)

Claude Annels (PhD student) 

Helen Rankin (Cheeky Wipes

Sat 20 July   |  Cinema City, Norwich


Director Eleanor Church

Dr Johanna Forster

Dr Johanna Forster is an environmental social scientist, with expertise in issues around marine and coastal resource management and governance, climate change, hazards and risk. 

Candice Allison
Candice Allison is a development curator at Norwich University of the Arts.

Sun 21 July   |  Arts, Cambridge

Chairperson: Joanne Ooi

Joanne Ooi is the founder of EA Sustain, a festival about Environment, Culture and Entrepreneurship, and EA Festival, an ideas and performing arts festival.


Director Eleanor Church

Linda Aspey

Linda Aspey is a climate psychologist who facilitates workshops on overcoming climate anxiety and community engagement on climate change. 

Emily Church

Emily Church is a chemistry teacher with 26 years of experience who will be speaking about the role of schools and the curriculum in creating a more sustainable future. 

Sun 18 August   |  FACT, Liverpool

Panel details to be confirmed.

Sat 24 August   |  Little Theatre Cinema, Bath

Panel details to be confirmed.

Tues 27 August   |  Chester

Panel details to be confirmed.

Tues 21 September |  City Screen, York

Panel details to be confirmed.

Presented by Picturehouse Green Screen.

Picturehouse Green Screen introduces topical screenings with panels, there will also be post-screening discussions (at select screenings) in a relaxed environment. These events will attempt to help embed sustainability into our communities, with the help of our local green groups, businesses and organisations.

What Is X Trillion?

X Trillion follows the gruelling journey of eXXpedition's all-women crew led by Emily Penn as they sail 3,000 miles across the North Pacific Ocean through the densest accumulation of ocean plastic on the planet to make the unseen, seen.

The 14-strong international crew of scientists, sailors, designers, engineers, and teachers set sail on a transformative month-long voyage. They leave families and land behind, coming together battling high seas, storms and sea sickness, to carry out cutting edge microplastics research and investigate the crisis of plastic pollution in one of the most remote places on Earth.

In a practical and emotional response to one of the biggest global challenges of our time, this is a story of hope, filled with life, magic and a call to action that burns with optimism.

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