Five films to look out for this August

Immerse yourself in these five films this August

Corinna Osei

14 Aug 21

With the chilling crime thrills of Wildland to the musical mastery of the Metropolitan Opera's Tosca, there really is something for everyone to enjoy this summer. Why not read on and make some new additions to your watchlist? 


Nominated for multiple awards including Best First Feature at the Berlin International Film Festival 2020, this ground-breaking crime thriller is a new addition to the 'Nordic noir' genre. The film tells the story of Ida, a 17 year old who goes to live with her aunt and family she's never met, following a car accident which kills her mother. In the beginning, the family seems welcoming and loving – but as Ida learns more about them, she realises that all is not what it seems.

A superb debut from Jeanette Nordahl, Wildland captures the dysfunctional family in a gripping and sinister way, and is a must see for fans of criminal intrigue.

Wildland is in cinemas from 13th August


Starring Jude Law and Carrie Coon, this disquieting drama follows an entrepreneur who relocates his family to an old country manor in England. As they struggle to adapt to their new home, dark secrets begin to take shape, causing a rift in the family. Stellar performances from Law and Coon really shine through amidst the film's dramas, and the 80s setting perfectly captures style and substance as a front for what's really going on in their household.  

The Nest is in cinemas from 27th August


Discover Tosca, an outstanding opera set in 1800's Rome. It follows the romantic world of an optimistic painter, Cavaradossi and his lover Tosca, as they come face to face with the malicious Chief of Police, Baron Scarpia.

This beloved opera comes with twists and turns that'll leave you feeling tense – if you're looking to get into opera, this summer encore showing is the perfect place to start.

Tosca is in cinemas from 11th August


For horror fans old and new, Censor is the one to watch. Combining horror with mystery, the film follows Enid, a film censor in the 1980s, who sets out to solve the past mystery of her sister's disappearance. Whilst looking for answers, she embarks on a journey that delves into the blurred lines between fiction and reality.

Written and directed by Prano Bailey-Bond, this debut is sure to remind you of the best classic horror films from the era it's set in. It's a slow-burn horror that leaves you reeling at the end and has a powerful central performance from Niamh Algar.

Censor is in cinemas from 20th August


Internationally known for his visually unique, stylised and emotional work, the ReDiscover Wong Kar Wai retrospective runs from August to September. The Hong Kong Second Wave writer/director is a master of cinema, with iconic films such as Chungking Express, In The Mood For Love, and more in his filmography. With the visually appealing cinematography from frequent collaborator, Christopher Doyle, this collection of films depicts his incredibly distinct aesthetic, and is perfect for film lovers everywhere.

Wong Kar Wai Season is in cinema from 5th Aug - 23rd Sep