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In cinemas from 2 July

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14 May 21


Thomas Vinterberg


Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen, Magnus Millang

Release Date

2 July 

A Norwegian philosopher once claimed that humans are born with a blood alcohol content that's 0.05% too low. In this Academy Award/BAFTA-winning film, four high school teachers decide to put this theory to the test in order to live a little more boldly. Danish Dogme 95 filmmaker Thomas Vinterberg takes the playful premise and turns it into a wise and witty meditation on taking care of what makes you feel alive. He reunites with Mads Mikkelsen for their second study of a midlife crisis after 2012's The Hunt, and Mikkelsen is endlessly watchable as the discreet but floundering Markus. Come for the entertaining comedy about a group of friends who drink far too much in the name of "collecting evidence"; stay for the heartbreaking proof of why, as we all well know, moderation really is key.