Calpol | Preschool Picturehouse

Someone's Feeling Better

The Picturehouse Team

21 Jul 23

We believe that sharing cinema with loved ones is the best medicine, which is why we're delighted to announce that we're partnering with Calpol to bring you Preschool Picturehouse, the new home for our Watch With Baby & Toddler Time screenings!

Whether you're looking to catch the latest releases in screenings designed especially for those with babies, or enjoy preschool specials on the big screen with your little ones, with our new sponsors Calpol it's never been easier.

When our kids get ill, there's a moment only a carer will recognise: a wonderful moment of relief when your little one is through the woods and well again.

9 out of 10 parents trust Calpol to provide effective pain and fever relief*, and the recommended dose relieves fever, teething pain and cold symptoms. Calpol helps our kids get back to being themselves again.

*J&J Survey 2023, 295 of 302 parents with children aged 6 months to 12 years.

Calpol proudly sponsors Preschool Picturehouse. CALPOL® SIXPLUS™ Fast Melts (for 6+ years only). Contains paracetamol. For pain & fever relief. Always read the label. UK-CAR-2300174.