C'mon C'mon | Tickets On Sale Now!

In our cinemas from Friday 3 December

Samantha Buttigieg

30 Nov 21

This week black-and-white emotional road-trip drama C'mon C'mon hits our screens. We had a fantastic response when we gave our audiences the chance to see C'mon C'mon before its release, as last week's surprise film.

C'mon C'mon stars Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny, a softly-spoken radio journalist who travels across the country to interview children. His job and routine are disrupted when he becomes the caregiver for his nephew Jesse, the son of his sister who is unable to cope whilst she nurses her mentally ill partner back to health. With this newfound responsibility comes a new perspective as he travels with Jesse state to state, juggling his responsibilities towards the youngster and his job.

The film is out on Friday 3 December. Tickets are available to book now!

In the meantime, below are some of the wonderful warm reactions from some of our audience members. And, as we are feeling full of festive cheer with the arrival of our Christmas season All We Want For Christmas Is... we've decided to give each of the below well-wishers a complimentary pair of tickets. If we've selected your tweet, simply send us a DM at @Picturehouses.