£3 Cinema Tickets for National Cinema Day

Saturday 3 September

The Picturehouse Team

01 Sep 22

For one day only, you can enjoy the Picturehouse experience for less with £3 film tickets. 

We know there's nothing quite like the big screen, so we're joining forces with cinemas across the UK to celebrate National Cinema Day on Saturday 3 September.

There's a starry selection of exciting new releases and familiar faces for even less, plus a second chance to see some of Summer's biggest films – and it wouldn't be a Picturehouse weekend without some old-school favourites returning to cinemas too. Don't miss out on all the best films, old and new, all for the love of cinema.

National Cinema Day echoes that of similar 'cinema days' from the 90s and celebrates the UK's cinema industry and the experience of the big screen. It was created by the cross-industry body Cinema First and is supported by the Film Distributors' Association and the UK Cinema Association. After all, nothing compares to visiting your local cinema for the fully immersive experience of watching a film in its natural home, the cinema.

That's not all! On Sunday 4 September, we're bringing Autism-Friendly screenings to select Picturehouses for additional National Cinema Day celebrations. Tickets will also be £3 per film.

Check here for Autism-Friendly listings.

So, what are you waiting for?

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