Join us for a panel following the screening with Climate communications specialist George Marshall founder of Climate Outreach, author of Don't Even Think About It: Why our Brains are Wired to Ignore Climate Change'. Steve & Helen Elwes and Steve, who took part in the walk, Dir. Benjamin Wigley and hosted by Dr. Rabhya Dewshi, clinical psychologist and XR Oxford activist. This will also be followed by an invitation to walk to a local pub from the cinema.

The camino to cop26 was a people’s walk carrying a message of love, hope, grief, fear, and connection with the natural world to leaders deciding on the future of our climate. Ben walked with the group, who became known as ‘caministas’, filming their experiences and capturing the sense of pilgrimage on this emotional and purposeful journey. More than a thousand walkers, aged from eight to 80 plus, joined the Camino for a few hours, a day or more, with a core group of about 30 completing the entire route to Glasgow. Completing the 500-mile journey involved intense physical and mental effort, emotional and spiritual upheaval, but it brought transformation and a sense of hope, despite the looming threat of climate breakdown. Ben rigged himself with binaural microphones (putting microphones in his ears), and shot on 16mm film with his hand-crank Bolex camera, which he then developed, by hand, in his lab. He captured an immersive and poetic film memory of the Camino, with beautiful black and white footage of landscapes, slow and quick movements of flag-waving pilgrims, and the ethereal sound of unseen voices sharing reflections as they walk.

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  • 16 Sep 2023
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  • TBC
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