Welcome To Premium

All you need to know about being a Premium Member.

John-Paul Pierrot

12 Mar 18

Today we launched Premium and it means Membership just got better for anyone who has been with us for a year or more.

Premium Members enjoy exclusive new benefits:

This is all on top of existing Picturehouse Membership benefits. If you qualify for Premium, you don't need to do a thing. The new benefits are all ready to go on your existing Membership Card. Take a look at our updated Membership terms and thank you for your support.

Want to become a Picturehouse Member? Choose a Membership that's right for you.

Renew to stay Premium

In order to keep your exclusive Premium benefits, you must renew your Membership before your next renewal date. Your new personalised Premium Membership card will be automatically delivered to your postal address after your next renewal. You can check your renewal date and update your postal address by logging in to MyPicturehouse - the new Members' area on the Picturehouse website.

Premium FAQ

Remember, if you qualify for Premium, you don't have to do a thing. You can enjoy your new Premium benefits straightaway. Got a question? Read our frequently asked questions or ask staff during your next visit to the cinema.

I'm in my first year of Membership and want to renew now to get Premium benefits. Is this possible?

Afraid not. You can renew any time during your Membership but you will only qualify as a Premium Member and get the new benefits after you have completed your first year in full.

When will I receive the new Premium Membership card?

Premium Members will receive their shiny new personalised Premium Membership Card after their next renewal, as long as their first year is complete. It's important that you check your postal address by accessing your MyPicturehouse.

Are there any other incentives for renewing?

Yes. You can still get £10 off your renewal if you choose our Member Plus option.

Can Student Members become a Premium Member?

No. Premium does not apply to our Student Membership scheme. They already get 25% off food, drinks and snacks at our cinemas. Bargain.

How do I not pay extra on 3D screenings?

Premium Members only get 3D surcharges waived if they book in person at the Box Office.

Membership terms and conditions