This page explains the current facilities for people with disabilities and is intended to assist you in planning your visit. 

If you can't find your answer here, reach out to us on our dedicated accessibility line at 02072 947908 (Text Relay call 18001 02072 947908. Check out the Relay UK app for more details). The helpline is open Monday to Sunday, 10am to 6pm, every day except Christmas Day.

Advance Booking

Booking in advance online or by telephone is always a good idea – this means that our staff can readily provide any assistance you require. We're happy to reserve wheelchair spaces or seats for any particular part of the auditorium if this is helpful for customers with disabilities and accompanying carers are eligible for a free ticket. See here for more info on registering for and using a CEA Card to book your Carer tickets.

If you have any questions about your booking, we have a dedicated accessibility line: reach out on 02072 947 908 (Text Relay call 18001 02072 947908).

Physical Access around the Cinema

All public areas of the building are accessible to customers with limited mobility. There is a wheelchair-accessible lift to the right as you enter the main foyer, which serves all floors and the basement areas. The lift is fitted with a voice commentary and tactile aids. It has an intercom and an alarm should you need to contact a member of staff in an emergency. The Box Office and bar all have adapted counters and accessible levels for transactions. Stair rails have embossed tactile aids underneath which indicate the number of steps approaching each level.

Accessible Toilets

The main customer toilets, which include a separate fully accessible toilet, are on the lower-ground floor. There is also an additional accessible toilet on level 2. There are emergency call-points in all our disabled toilets should you need to summon assistance. Baby-changing facilities are also available on the lower-ground and the second floor. The accessible toilet and baby changing facility on the lower ground floor have National Key Scheme (Radar) locks and a key is available at the Box Office or from the usher.

If using the steps to the lower-ground level toilets, there are 15 steps from the ground to the lower-ground. If using the steps to the floor 2 access toilet/baby change there are 30 steps from the ground to floor 2. Should you require assistance at all within the building please alert a member of staff and we will be happy to help in any way we can.


We do not have any parking facilities at the cinema. Please see the local council website for details on local accessibility or blue badge parking:

The Shopmobility service is located at Coppergate Centre car park. Please check with Shopmobility for opening times on telephone 01904 679222, or email [email protected].

We are located in the city centre and easily accessible via bus or bike. There are bike racks outside our main doors for you to lock your bike to.

Physical Access in our Screens

All our screens are fully accessible to customers with limited mobility including wheelchair users. All screens are located on the second floor and are accessible to customers with limited mobility via a lift. Please select floor 2 in the lift for screen access.

All screens have dedicated wheelchair spaces, available in the following locations:
Screen 1: Row D (4 spaces available)
Screen 2: Row C (3 spaces available)
Screen 3: Row K (3 spaces available)

All wheelchair spaces have dedicated companion seats next to the spaces. These are available in the following locations:
Screen 1: Row D, Seats 7, 8, 14 & 15
Screen 2: Row C , Seats 7 & 10
Screen 3: Row K, Seats 3, 6 & 11

If you wish to book a wheelchair space, please mention this if you book over the phone or in person.

Aisles in our screens are located on each side of every row.

Screen 1: aisles are located next to the seats in the following rows:
Rows E and F, next to seats 5 and 17
Rows G to J next to seats 5 and 18
Rows K and L next to seats 5 and 19
Row M next to seats 2, 5, 20 and 23

Screen 2: aisles are located next to the seats in the following rows:
Rows D to J, next to seats 5 and 12
Rows K to M, next to seats 2, 5 and 13
Screen 3: aisles are located next to seats 1 and 13

Screen Sizes and Capacities

Screen 1
No. of seats: 203
No. of wheelchair spaces: 4
Able to run with audio description? No (Not at the moment - logged with engineers)
Screen dimensions: 10.5m wide by 4.7 metres high (approx)

Screen 2
No. of seats: 123
No. of wheelchair spaces: 3
Able to run with audio description? Yes
Screen dimensions: 7m wide by 3m metres high (approx)

Screen 3
No. of seats: 123
No. of wheelchair spaces: 3
Able to run with audio description? No (Not at the moment - works are being undertaken to allow this)
Screen dimensions: 9.75 wide by 4.0 metres high (approx)

Customers with hearing impairment

Customers can request a set of headphones from the box office staff that will amplify the film soundtrack. We show subtitled (captioned) screenings each week, these will be clearly marked in the listings and on the website.

Subtitled (Captioned) Screenings

We offer regular Subtitled (Captioned) screenings, which provide a transcription of the audio from a film, displayed at the bottom of the cinema screen. Along with the dialogue from the film, the subtitles include non-dialogue audio such as "(sighs)" or "(door creaks)".

Check the cinema's weekly listings for current available captioned screenings, which will be clearly labelled. Please note that not all films are provided with a Subtitled (Captioned) track, so some weeks we may have fewer subtitled screenings as a result.

Hearing Loops / Induction Loops

We have hearing loops at all counters to aid interaction between staff and customers who use hearing aids. The hearing loop helps to amplify the spoken word and limit background noise which might otherwise be picked up by the hearing aid.To use the loop system, switch your hearing aid to the 'T' setting or loop program. No other equipment is needed.

Customers with visual impairment

Audio Description will be provided for all screenings where it is available (not all films come with an AD track). Screenings that have Audio Description will have an "AD" logo under the film time on our website. In order to use this service you will require a headset which you can get by speaking to any member of staff.

We are happy to offer Large Print versions of our weekly listings flyer on request. Please ask the box office staff member to request that the Duty Manager print a copy for you.

Audio Description

Audio Description (AD) is available in Screen 2. We are hoping to have AD available in Screen 1 and Screen 3 very soon.

Audio Description (AD) is a narrated soundtrack where the action, scene changes and the actors' body language is described for people with sight loss. This additional soundtrack is broadcast through wireless headsets so only the wearer can hear it, and fits within the silent gaps in a film so it doesn't interfere with the dialogue. Headsets are available to borrow at the box office.

AD is available for every film where an AD track has been created by the distributor. To find out if a performance is available with Audio Description, please check the film listings on our website where they are clearly identified, ask a member of staff at the cinema, or contact the Accessibility Helpline.

Please note: It is recommended to sit in the middle of each of the screens to get the best reception for this service.

For Screen 1 this will be rows G, H or J. Seats 10-13.

For Screen 2 this will be rows F, G or H. Seats 7-10.

For Screen 3 this will be rows E or F. Seats 6-8.

Assistance Dogs

Guide dogs are welcome.
If you wish to take a dog to a performance, please let us know when booking so we can arrange an aisle seat.
We will be happy to provide drinking water for your dog.

Accessible Screenings

Dementia Friendly

Dementia Friendly Screenings are open to all, but aim to make cinema more accessible to local dementia communities by providing a friendly and inclusive experience for people living with dementia. The lights are left on low, there are no adverts or trailers and the audience is allowed to move around. There is also an interval halfway through the film.

Dementia Friendly screenings typically take place monthly, on a Friday at 11.00am. Find all Dementia Friendly Screenings here.

Autism Friendly

Our relaxed Autism Friendly screenings are adapted in a variety of ways to help reduce anxiety and over-stimulation and ensure a safe, enjoyable cinema experience for people with autism, learning difficulties and/or other sensory sensitivities, and their families, friends and carers.

Autism Friendly Screenings are ad and trailer-free. The lights are left on low throughout the film, and will be played at a reduced volume. The audience is free to move around, make noise, take breaks and leave and re-enter the screen whenever needed.

Our Sky Lounge can be used as a break-out/quiet space. We will place a social story and colouring sheets on the tables in the sky lounge. The Sky Lounge is located on floor 2, at the end of the main cinema corridor.  

The full list of our upcoming screenings can be found here. Screenings are updated regularly.

General Info and Other Enquiries

If you can't find your answer here, reach out to us on our dedicated accessibility line at 02072 947908 (Text Relay call 18001 02072 947908. Check out the Relay UK app for more details). The helpline is open Monday to Sunday, 10am to 6pm, every day except Christmas Day.

Find out more about booking a free carer place with a CEA card, our dedicated Accessibility Helpline, and our Autism Friendly and Dementia Friendly screenings at