Duration: 180 min

Arielle is a singer-songwriter and guitar player.

She loves music from the 60's and 70's, and tries to keep it alive within her soul and the style of music that comes through her.

Musically, people compare her to Joni Mitchell, Queen, and Jeff Beck, among many others.

She plays a guitar named Two Tone, that she built with her friend Patrick.

"I love it. I love guitars, in general. Especially custom ones that aren't too heavy".

"I like things that are different and unique. I love to travel. A LOT. I think the UK is where I Left my heart. I live in Austin, TX, but I have lived in every major music city in the world, at this point. And I am ready for more".

"I like to be real. Genuine. Open. My mom says it's like reading my diary, but that's how I want to be.

Club and Group screenings

Wed 10th Jul 20.00 Basement Bar: Live events venue below City Screen hosting live music, comedy & arts

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