Duration: 270 min

Hail a Taxi Driver and Get Out of The House to the Godfather of all quizzes. Bringing you (Inter)stellar questions from the world of film, it’s been hailed as London’s Best In Show since its Inception. Everyone is welcome: whether you have A Beautiful Mind or you’re totally Clueless. While we don’t have an official limit on team sizes, if your group is particularly large we may ask you to Split into two smaller teams.

Room isn’t Limitless so avoid the Spectre of being a Mad Max and buy your tickets in advance, and if you don’t want to be Without A Clue, follow The Nice Guys on Twitter @film_quiz or sign up at for clues and a free answer every month.

Arrival: 18:30 | Quiz Show: 19:30 | The End of The Affair: 21:45

Tickets £6

Club and Group screenings

Tue 30th Jan Hackney Attic.
Tue 27th Feb 18.30 Hackney Attic.

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