Yardie preview screening + Live Satellite Q&A

Director: Idris Elba
Starring: Everaldo Creary, Aml Ameen
Duration: 210 min

YARDIE preview screening + live Idris Elba Satellite Q&A + Special Guests

On Thursday 23rd August, Idris Elba’s directorial debut YARDIE will receive a special preview screening, streaming into cinemas across the country. Audiences will get the chance to see a live performance from a surprise music act and a Q&A with Idris Elba hosted by Radio 1Xtra’s, Yasmin Evans.

On a hot night in Jamaica in 1973, a young boy, Denis, proudly watches his older brother DJ’ing at a party to broker a truce between warring gangs. Then shots ring out. His brother is dead. A decade later, Denis is the right-hand man to gang boss King Fox, who sends him on a mission to London to test his loyalty. When the job goes wrong, Denis hides out with an old flame, only to discover that his brother’s killer may be in the same city. Based on the cult novel by Victor Headley, Idris Elba’s directorial debut fuses the hard-boiled gangster genre with a coming-of-age period piece. With an evocative soundtrack and an astute eye for detail, Elba expertly captures the spirit of the times.

General admission screenings

Thu 23rd Aug

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