This page explains the current facilities for people with disabilities and is intended to assist you in planning your visit.

Advance Booking

Advance booking by telephone, online or through a friend is always a good idea so that our staff can readily provide any assistance you require. Seats are usually reserved for performances after 6.00. However, we will be happy to reserve wheelchair spaces or seats for any particular part of the auditorium if this is helpful for customers with disabilities.

Physical access around the cinema

The Box Office, café-bar, kiosk, and accessible toilet are all on the ground floor and accessible to customers with limited mobility including wheelchair users. There are steps up from the foyer into the Members' Bar, but there is access to all floors via the lift. Our café-bar has an adapted counter for wheelchair users. There is an accessible toilet located on every floor. A Radar key is required to use the toilet in the ground floor cafe area (available on request from a member of staff if needed).

Physical access in our screens

All screens are accessible to customers with limited mobility including wheelchair users. All screens are accessible via lift. All screens have a dedicated space for wheelchair users in the front row.

Audio Description

Audio Description (AD) is a narrated soundtrack where the action, scene changes and the actors' body language is described for people with sight loss. This additional soundtrack is broadcast through wireless headsets so only the wearer can hear it, and fits within the silent gaps in a film so it doesn't interfere with the dialogue. Headsets are available to borrow at the box office. To get the best out of your AD headset ensure your seat is close to the infrared in the auditorium. AD is available in all screens for every film where an AD track has been created (most films do have an AD track, but not all). To find out if a performance is available with Audio Description, please check the film listings on our website where they are clearly identified, ask a member of staff at the cinema, or contact the Accessibility Helpline.

Subtitled (Captioned) Screenings

We offer regular Subtitled (Captioned) screenings, which provide a transcription of the audio from a film, displayed at the bottom of the cinema screen.  Along with the dialogue from the film, the subtitles include non-dialogue audio such as "(sighs)" or "(door creaks)" to ensure people who are deaf or hard of hearing can enjoy the full film plot. These screenings may also benefit those with English as a second language. Subtitled screenings are programmed 5 days a week, once a day Sundays through to Thursdays. Please note that not all films are provided with a Subtitled (Captioned) track, so some weeks we may have fewer subtitled screenings as a result.

Booking & General Enquiries

Wheelchair spaces and Carers' tickets are bookable online. (For Carers' Tickets please see Carers section). Alternatively to book wheelchair spaces or carer tickets by phone, or for all other accessibility enquires, please call our dedicated accessibility hotline 020 7294 7908 (Text Relay call 18001 02072 947908).