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B Corporations, or ‘B Corps’, are shaping the future of Picturehouse’s food. But what does that mean, and why does it matter?

The Picturehouse Team

02 Mar 23

Green food and cinema food might seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum, but we here at Picturehouse have been looking to change that.

Working with responsible, ethical suppliers to reduce our impact on the environment all while keeping our menu as delicious as possible is something we're very passionate about, and there's a new, important letter in our food alphabet: B!

B Corporations or B Corps, as Picturehouse's Head of Green Steering Felicity Beckett explains, are companies that "independently make the decision to turn their business into a business that helps change the world."

It's a very rigorous process, and B Corp certification is awarded only to companies with serious green credentials;  it's a commitment that runs through everything they do.

Naturally food is a perfect fit, as it's more important than ever to consider where your food comes from and what's in it. 

Frank Clayden, our Retail Operations Manager, sees it more and more in the food and drink makers he steers Picturehouse towards. "B Corps are built with sustainability in mind – from the ground level up they're enthusiastic about it, and you notice it when you work with them. It's apparent in the quality. It's a big part of how we choose new partners, and great to have in our existing partners."

Frank also understands that food in particular is something people care a lot about when it comes to being greener. "A lot of the things that go into B Corps are things we find customers looking for anyway, like carefully sourced ingredients and healthier options.

It's a great way to be able to identify those things without even trying, whether it's brewers or snacks." 

So, what Bs will you find at our concession stands? For starters, you won't find a sweeter treat than Jude's Ice Cream. Made in the UK with extra tasty West Country clotted cream (and with plant-based options aplenty!), Jude's got their B Corp status for things like a renewable energy-powered dairy and a simple, efficient supply chain for all the delicious things that go into their ice cream.

With flavours ranging from Eton mess to sour watermelon, the gourmet vegan sweets made by Candy Kittens made them the first B Corp-certified sweets brand in the world, and their business has been carbon neutral (and no less snack-able for it) since 2021.

It's not just food: The Duppy Share makes prize-winning aged rum that's as gloriously warm and enjoyable as the Caribbean coast it comes from (and it's Frank's personal favourite from our B Corp collection – he recommends it "with ginger beer and a wedge of lime"!), and for the sober among us, Lucky Saint is the UK's favourite non-alcoholic beer, boasting climate-positive action and championing mental health across their industry.

Becoming a B Corp is no small task, stresses Felicity, and however far along you are in your sustainability journey, eating and drinking more consciously is the best thing you can do. "Look for the B Corp logo and know that's a logo that you can trust. No detail is too small."

The list of great-tasting, sustainably-focused brands and B Corps we work with continues to grow, and all of them are lovingly, consciously curated – just like the films we show. So dig in or drink up: it's the best way to B.   The Picturehouse Team

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This March is B Corp Month, so be sure to keep an eye out for our delicious selection of B Corp food and drink at your local Picturehouse.