From its UK premiere at East Dulwich on 03 June onwards, we're thrilled to welcome the incredible Lek Chailert, alongside director Jez Lewis, to our Green Screen Tour of Elephant Mother. Join them both after the film as part of our local panel discussions.

One woman’s quest to help save Thailand’s iconic and once-sacred elephants, Elephant Mother is a classic story of ‘David vs. Goliath’, and a timely exposé of eco-tourism.

Lek Chailert, a tribal Thai woman, struggles to rescue abused elephants from the horrifically cruel but secretive Thai tourist industry and give them a life free from exploitation. 

Whilst she is globally renowned within the conservation world, the odds are all stacked against her as big business, political corruption, and a ‘mafia’ of traders and traffickers are ranged against her. But as the world hurtles into a global pandemic, Lek cleverly identifies this time of uncertainty and fear as an opportunity to out-manoeuvre her enemies and turn the tables.

 Green Screen is a community-led space to discuss environmental issues raised in the films we show. Everyone is welcome to continue the conversation after the film in your cinema's meeting space – enjoy a free tea or filter coffee when you bring a keep cup!

  • Director :
  • Jez Lewis, Co-director: Jocelyn Cammack
  • Release Date :
  • 03 Jun 2024
  • Certificate :
  • 12A
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