Continuing a brand new collaboration between Picturehouse Cinemas and legendary short film competition Straight 8.

Come and be inspired at select Picturehouse cinemas by watching the latest, greatest short films made on Super 8.

Straight 8 (est 1999) champions grassroots filmmaking on celluloid. It challenges entrants from around the world to shoot from the hip, all on one cartridge with only in-camera editing. The first time successful entrants see even their own work is at the world premiere. Expect a smorgasbord of 3 minute delights hopping between genres, forms, tone and technique.

We are following on from our November 2022 showcase of the top selections of the Straight 8 competition from 2021 and 2022 with the latest annual collection: the top 25 of 2022, as seen at BFI Southbank, London Short Film Festival. With the Straight 8 jury including the likes of Asif Kapadia, Robbie Ryan, Mark Jenkin and more, the quality is assured.

Come and get inspired with this world class global collection of genre-busting celluloid short films. And if you feel inspired, have a go - but hurry, straight 8 2023 is open now, but not for long!

Brush. Directed by Simon Allen.

An obsessed walkman-wearing artist gets cornered by his own colourful work in this graphic comedy.

There Is A Light. Directed by Avery Newmark Kincaid.

A mourner spices up a funeral and sees the light after everyone rolls with the punches.

Losing My Name. Directed by Alexander Beer.

A father and son battle with the unrelenting forces of dementia.

Singularity. Directed by Christopher Jarvis.

An artifical intelligence wanders isolated landscapes trying to hold on to memories being deleted one by one.

Self Sabotage and Me. Directed by Fondue.

A stoner is encourage by his sock puppet pal to fall to the powerful impulse of self-sabotage before a first date.

Girl Food. Directed by Natasha Guy.

Two indecisive women discuss what to order as we become privy to their innermost thoughts.

Rave Rave Rave Rave Rave On. Directed by Ash Morris.

Try if you can not to catch the rave bug watching this frighteningly funky rave monster film.

Lovestory. Directed by John Fitzpatrick. 

A man tries to run from his own identity but is collared by a police officer as they fall head over heels.

Dead Funny. Directed by Max Mir, Matthew Poole, Harry Norton & Kan Trivedi.

An under-appreciated mime artist offers the world the performance of a lifetime.

The Race. Directed by Emma Fergusson.

All the drama and tension of the best movie race scene you ever saw takes place atop a stove.

Portraits of Love. Directed by Andre Baldwin. 

A chocolate voiced man drowns himself in poetic memories in a closure message to his ex.

Wakan Tanaka. Directed by Celia Arias. 

Join a man as he enters a world of terrifying characters on a trip that goes from bad to worse.

In The Shit. Directed by Fabia Martin.

A financially challenged farmer swaps his overalls for a very different uniform in order to make ends meet.

Chance. Directed by Mateus Lara.

Short glimpses of a young romance that could not have happened are barely contained by the gorgeous cinematography.

c/o 5apo. Directed by Anoop Oommen.

Love letters are everything to a couple separated by military duty in India.

Little Butter/ Marie. Directed by Vera Bello.

A cinematic exhibition lends recognition to the ergonomic precision of biscuit-based provision.

The Scent of Apples. Directed by Rudolf Ming.

A painter laments the overwhelming challenge of depicting the perfect form of the apple.

Homebird. Directed by Jack Sauverin & Connor Matheson.

An anxious man turns to exposure therapy for his crippling fear of birds but will his fear take flight?

Feet. Directed by Saurabh Wadhonkar.

An abstract documentation of the many feet that walk this earth.

Cornflake Blvd 22. Directed by Tim Dübbert.

A bizarre animated story of neighbours who dream of colourful shapes with lots of crunch.

Grandma Queen. Directed by Gustavo Auricchio.

Appearances shouldn't be judged. You're never too old to party.

The Great Debate. Directed by Luna Herruzo.

We are presented with the highly conflictual, ancient Spanish debate involving potatoes, eggs and... onions?

The Hole Truth. Directed by Klára Rychtarčiková.

A scab on a man's finger unveils a portal to an infinitesimally small point of infinite destiny.

Wondering. Directed by Liam Campbell & Thomas Farrall.

An avid wonderer wonders till he arrives at his consequential fate as a statuesque figure destined to wonder eternally.

Admit One. Directed by Vieira Vasco.

A passionate cinephile erotically explores the beauty of the cinema, from seat to screen.

  • Release Date :
  • 07 Nov 2022
  • Certificate :
  • 18
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