A Generative Film by Gary Hustwit
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Visionary musician and artist Brian Eno — known for producing David Bowie, U2, Talking Heads, among many others; pioneering the genre of ambient music; and releasing over 40 solo and collaboration albums — reveals his creative processes in this groundbreaking generative documentary: a film that’s different every time it’s shown.

This innovative bio-doc elevates the documentary form to become an evergreen, algorithmic performance. Filmmaker Gary Hustwit (Helvetica, Rams) and creative technologist Brendan Dawes have developed a bespoke generative software designed to sequence scenes and create transitions out of Hustwit’s original interviews with Eno, and Eno’s rich archive of hundreds of hours of never-before-seen footage, and unreleased music.

Every day at Picturehouse we’ll show a unique version of "Eno”, presenting different scenes, order, and music (including scenes with such collaborators as Laurie Anderson, David Byrne, David Bowie, U2, and others). The generative and infinitely iterative quality of "Eno" poetically resonates with the artist’s own creative practice, his methods of using technology to compose music, and his endless deep dive into the mercurial essence of creativity.

Runtime: approximately 90 minutes

“Groundbreaking. Remixes the music doc.” –Rolling Stone
“Revolutionary.” –Screen Daily
“Sleek, seamless, and compelling.” –Variety
“A template for how cinema can be re-defined in the digital age.” –The Quietus

  • Release Date :
  • 12 Jul 2024
  • Certificate :
  • 12A
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