Alo / United Kingdom
(Director: Xenia Glen)
Alo, an undocumented Filipino worker, lives in an overcrowded house share in London. When he is struck by an unexpected seizure, and becomes trapped internally in the throes of his symptoms, the residents feel pressured to call an ambulance, which catapults Alo into the UK health and immigration system.

Essex Girls / United Kingdom
(Director: Yero Timi-Biu)
After an incident at her high school shunts her into the orbit of the only other Black girl in her year, “Essex Girl” Bisola is plunged into a journey of discovering a whole new side of herself.

Good Boy / United Kingdom
(Director: Tom Stuart)
Danny attempts to rob a bank with his overbearing mum but is scuppered by the appearance of figures from his past. With his mum in the back of his van, and a dead pigeon on the passenger seat, Danny has a growing sense of desperation.

Mamu / United Kingdom, Taiwan
(Director: Aephie Chen)
Indigenous Taiwanese Mayaw brought up his biracial British daughter Rina on his own in London. As ageing Mayaw’s mind begins to fade, and he hears the call of his indigenous Taiwanese homeland and its magical guardians - very far from the grey London he now inhabits in which he and his daughter dream of each other in languages that they can’t understand anymore. They reconnect in their dreams and the lullaby leads the way.

[S] / United Kingdom, Poland, Bulgaria
(Director: Mario Radev)
[S] is an artwork that exposes the lifespan of infinity. The film delves into an immersive loop of organic forms, reflecting on the entangled nature of life and art.

Salone Love 
(Director: Tajana Tokyo)
A scrapbook of opinions and advice about love in Sierra Leone.

Shé (Snake) / United Kingdom, USA
(Director: Renee Zhan)
Fei is the top violinist in her elite youth orchestra. When another Chinese violinist arrives to challenge her place, Fei’s internalized racism grows to take monstrous physical form. They whisper to her, urging her to be the best, no matter the cost.

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  • 07 Jun 2024
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  • TBC
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