We’re delighted to welcome director John Hay and star Eddie Izzard to the Duke of York’s for a special Q&A screening of Lost Christmas, hosted by the BFI’s Justin Johnson.

An urban fairytale from the backstreets of Manchester.

It is Christmas Eve and everyone is getting ready for the big day; everyone that is, except Anthony, a strange, enigmatic being who wakes up in the street, not knowing where he is or what he’s here to do. But Anthony has a remarkable ability: the power to find the lost... But is Anthony’s ability real, or just an illusion?

A rare opportunity to watch a Christmas tale that is suitable for all ages.

  • Director :
  • John Hay
  • Starring :
  • Jason Flemyng, Jason Watkins, Eddie Izzard
  • Release Date :
  • 03 Dec 2023
  • Certificate :
  • PG
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