Once inseparable, Princess Elsa of Arendelle and her younger sister Anna grow distant when Elsa, a powerful conjurer of snow and ice, keeps herself hidden away to keep her powers at bay.

When Anna meets Prince Hans at her sister’s coronation, she’s in love – but Elsa, who doesn't approve, loses control of her powers and plunges Arendelle into an eternal winter.

Now, it's up to Anna and a team of unlikely allies –the kind but clumsy ice-harvester Kristoff, his trusty reindeer companion Sven, and a cheerful snowman Olaf– to save Elsa and the kingdom.

  • Director :
  • Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee
  • Starring :
  • Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff
  • Release Date :
  • 13 Oct 2023
  • Certificate :
  • PG
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