Contained, Dir. Chih-Chieh, Yu. UK Premiere. 23 mins.

At night, two SBC agents arrived as scheduled and shifted with the other agents. As usual, they should keep an eye on the “Don’t litter, God is watching” slogan poster - the object of their monitoring task. However, an accident happened, causing the object to escape from the scene, which eventually led them to danger…

Catch A Star If You Can, Dir. Choi-Ying, Liu (Tanya). International Premiere. 34 mins.

Long, who has been timid in every situation, decided to leave the swimming team training camp at night in order to watch the Leo meteor shower. With the help of Nick, who is always unbridled. They started their journey eventually. First time setting foot in the adults’ world. While Nick was charmingly untangling all these problems, these experiences began to change Long’s perspective regarding his miserable teenage life. Long and Nick eventually arrive at the beach. Meanwhile, Long has made a life-changing decision...

Tinnitus, Dir. Tsering Yangkyi. UK Premiere. 21 mins.

A Tibetan girl named Yuzhen came back to Lhasa for her grandmother's funeral. Unexpectedly, getting altitude sickness prevents her from lighting a lamp for the late grandma. In her dream, she found the grandma in a temple, and what happened in that journey has created some subtle connections to real life.

This is a GALA screening as part of an ongoing nation-wide hybrid film festival, Odyssey: a Chinese cinema season 2023 (26 May – 30 June), in partnership with Picturehouse at FACT Liverpool.

  • Release Date :
  • 03 Jun 2023
  • Certificate :
  • 18
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