As is SFFL tradition, celebrate the rising stars of homegrown filmmaking at our UK Shorts showcase. We'll be joined by the directors for a Q&A.

Birdsong (Directors: Omi Zola Gupta, Sparsh Ahuja) - Birdsong is an intimate portrait of the dying whistled language of the Hmong people in northern Laos (Documentary)

Christopher at Sea (Directors: Tom CJ Brown) - Christopher embarks on a transatlantic voyage as a passenger on a cargo ship. His hopes of finding out what lures so many men to sea sets him on a journey into solitude, fantasy and obsession. (Animation)

Claudio’s Song (Director: Andreas Nilsson) - A young man faces the wrath of a family of criminals that target people who are famous on the internet and extort money from them. When their scheme fails, the plan to kill him takes an unexpected turn. (Fiction)

Giraffe (Director: Caleb Femi) - Before their 17th birthdays, two black boys attempt to bury contraband in order to save their cultural identity from being erased by the UK government, however, they unearth new truths that test their friendship. (Fiction)

My Eyes Are Up Here (Director: Nathan Morris.) - Sonia is a super-busy, sought-after model, and dating doesn't really fit her lifestyle. However, a one-night stand with a clumsy but considerate man changes her perspective. (Fiction)

She Always Wins (Director: Hazel McKibbin) - She Always Wins captures all the complicated moves in the dance of dominance, deference and self-diminishment that takes place when a young woman brings her new boyfriend to his first family visit. (Fiction)

The Veiled City (Director: Natalie Cubides-Brady) - The Veiled City is a speculative city symphony inspired by London’s Great Smog of 1952. Created from archive footage, the film unfolds through fictional letters from a post-apocalyptic future. The film invites us to understand the smog in the context of the present-day climate emergency. (Documentary)

White Ant (Director: Shalini Adnani) - A man is summoned from Mumbai to his village to deal with a termite infestation threatening to destroy his childhood home. (Fiction)

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  • 07 Jul 2023
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