Kicking off a brand new collaboration between Picturehouse Cinemas and legendary short film competition Straight 8.

Come and be inspired at select Picturehouse cinemas in November, watching the latest, greatest short films made on Super 8.

Straight 8 (est 1999) champions grassroots filmmaking on celluloid.

It challenges entrants from around the world to shoot from the hip, all on one cartridge with only in-camera editing. Expect a smorgasbord of 3 minute delights hopping between genres, forms, tone and technique.

All with one thing in common, they made the selections of the Straight 8 competition in 2021 and 2022.

Selected by the Straight 8 jury, including the likes of Asif Kapadia, Robbie Ryan, Mark Jenkins and more, the quality is assured.

The first time successful entrants see even their own work is at the premiere. In the lockdown years, Straight 8 premieres were live-streamed, so we’re screening the 2020 and 2021 top 8 winners.

They include behind the scenes clips, filmmaker and jury comments, giving an exciting and rounded insight into what Straight 8 is all about.

Which happens to be perfect timing as… straight 8 2023 is open!

If you feel inspired, have a go!


ag:au, directed by Alex Cantouris. A seamlessly choreographed exploration of an acoustic mirror and a forest with sublime in-camera editing

A Bad Day To Propose, directed by Fernando Ruiz. An apocalyptic sci-fi super 8 proposal film, with in-camera special effects that leave you stunned.

How We Spent Our Time, directed by Sam Hartshorn. An intimate insight into life for a physiotherapist working in an NHS intensive care unit during the global pandemic.

Inside, directed by Alex Shipman and Joseph Herridge Nowell. A woman reminisces in her loft and finds herself, trapped in her doll's house.

Guest of Honour, directed by Spencer Young. A man who has 'always found the presence of nuns quite soothing', finds himself amidst a murderous cultic millieu.

Dawn, directed by Nikolai Brokolovsky. A study of the anxieties of women walking the street alone.

Deconstruction From Venus, directed by Geronimo Tenoira. A young woman muses about architecture as rigid geometry at odds with the chaotic fluidity of the natural world.

The Emperor's New Cloth, directed by Michel A. Chappuis. A cartoonesque emperor is on a wild goose chase for his mysteriously evasive bright red underpants.

Daily Life, directed by Eugen Stemmle. Two friends, presented like a diptych, unveil the intimacies of their daily existence.

Ok Commuter, directed by Ben Walden. In this cut out animation, a commuter transcends the monotony of the london underground by calling up harboured fantasies of violence and peril.

Moving Forward, directed by Ben Slotover. A total muppet moves on from the brexit referendum by violently rejecting nostalgic symbols, such as super 8 cameras.

Total Control, directed by David Ross. A birthday girl's wish for total control is granted.

Crumbs, directed by Robot Chocolate, Gabriela Plačková & Robert Hloz. A beautifully stylised live action, stop-motion film heightens a banal domestic argument.

A Portrait, directed by Carlotta Beck Peccoz. A cinematographer sends a postcard to heaven in a discussion of his late friend, derek jarman, and their love for super 8.

Oasis, directed by Kyle Camerer and Greg Hatton. A child searches for a safe-space as an escape from traumatising domestic instability.

Fly Home, directed by Joshua M Kerr. An isolated spaceman yearning for home finds himself distracted by an alien pest.

  • Release Date :
  • 07 Nov 2022
  • Certificate :
  • 18
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