In this visually arresting martial arts epic set in ancient China, an unnamed fighter (Jet Li) is being honoured for defeating three of the king's most dangerous enemies.

When Nameless recounts his battles with the assassins -- Broken Sword (Tony Leung), Flying Snow (Maggie Cheung) and Moon (Zhang Ziyi) -- the king begins to question some of the details.

As Nameless goes on, the king challenges the tales, interjecting his own take on these perhaps suspect version of events.

This screening is presented by Fulham Road Picturehouse in partnership with UK-China Film Collab, as a special event to mark the 20th Anniversary for one of the best martial arts cinematic experiences to date.

  • Director :
  • Zhang Yimou
  • Starring :
  • Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Maggie Cheung, Zhang Ziyi, Tony Chiu-Wai Leung, Chen Daoming
  • Release Date :
  • 24 Sep 2004
  • Certificate :
  • 12A
  • Rate This Film :
  • Rating Description :
  • Contains moderate violence

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