Maligned on first release, Jennifer's Body has gained a cult following for its queer subtext and poppy, millenial take on demon possession...

Though they’ve got almost nothing in common, bookworm Needy Lesnicki (Amanda Seyfried) and cheerleader Jennifer Check (Megan Fox) are best friends. They’ve got even less in common when Jennifer mysteriously gains an appetite for human blood – and begins coming after their male classmates.

As the teen boy bodies begin to pile up, Needy sets out to uncover the truth behind her friend's transformation and stop the bloodthirsty rampage before Jennifer sets her sights on her boyfriend.

  • Director :
  • Karyn Kusama
  • Starring :
  • Chris Pratt, Amanda Seyfried, Megan Fox, Johnny Simmons, J.K. Simmons, Adam Brody, Amy Sedaris
  • Release Date :
  • 31 Oct 2022
  • Certificate :
  • 15
  • Rate This Film :
  • Rating Description :
  • Contains very strong language, bloody horror, sex references and drug use

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