A dishevelled man who wanders out of the desert, Travis Henderson (Harry Dean Stanton) seems to have no idea who he is. When a stranger manages to contact his brother, Walt (Dean Stockwell), Travis is awkwardly reunited with his sibling. Travis has been missing for years, and his presence unsettles Walt and his family, which also includes Travis's own son, Hunter.

Soon Travis must confront his wife, Jane, and try to put his life back together.

Duke Of York's, Brighton on Sunday 28 August, 12.00

To celebrate the closing of our Kino Dreams season, the screening at Duke Of York's, Brighton on Sunday 28 August, will include a specially commissioned introduction to Kino Dreams, our retrospective on Wim Wenders and the last film in the season Paris, Texas from culture writer Michael Leader.

  • Director :
  • Wim Wenders
  • Starring :
  • Aurore Clément, Nastassja Kinski, Harry Stanton, Dean Stockwell, Hunter Carson
  • Release Date :
  • 23 Aug 1984
  • Certificate :
  • 12A
  • Rate This Film :
  • Rating Description :
  • Contains strong language and moderate sex references

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