A day of rare screenings and talks celebrating one of Britain’s most influential screenwriters.

Nigel Kneale was one of Britain’s most significant screenwriters of the twentieth century. Credited by Mark Gatiss as “the inventor of modern television”, Kneale’s works included the Quatermass serials, The Year of the Sex OlympicsThe Stone TapeBeasts and essential television adaptations of The Woman in Black and Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Although not as widely lauded in his lifetime as many of his contemporaries, Kneale was a profound influence for many writers and filmmakers, including John Carpenter, Stanley Kubrick and Stephen King, and his shadow falls over a vast number of television series and films, among them The X-FilesThe League of Gentlemen and, of course, Doctor Who.

To celebrate the hundredth anniversary of Nigel Kneale’s birth, this day-long event features expert panels and members of cast and crew looking at Kneale’s work in television and film, and his influence and legacy; a live reading of his “lost” 1952 radio play You Must Listen; and screenings of several of Kneale’s classic works.

Screening in partnership with the Nigel Kneale BFI Southbank season.

Go to nigelknealecentenary.com for full details.

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  • 23 Apr 2022
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