SFFL 2018: Never Goin' Back

Director: Augustine Frizzell
Starring: Cami Morrone, Maia Mitchell, Joel Allen, Kendal Smith, Matthew Holcomb, Kyle Mooney
Duration: 85 min

be BFFs Angela (Maia Mitchell) and Jessie (Cami Morrone) are high-school dropouts working dead-end waitressing jobs in the same crappy diner. Their dream vacation to sunny Galveston, Texas is only a few shifts away. But after a drug deal goes bad and their home is invaded – which leads them to serve a short stint in juvenile detention – their beach trip is in serious jeopardy. They’ll have to use every bit of guile their perpetually buzzed teenage brains can muster as they try to get (relatively) rich quick while wandering suburban Dallas.

Augustine Frizzell directs her scrappy debut feature with infectious energy and style. Co-stars Mitchell and Morrone imbue Angela and Jessie with such gonzo charm and stoned drive that it’s impossible not to root for them, no matter how misguided their scheme may be. An eclectic supporting cast, featuring Saturday Night Live’s Kyle Mooney as the girls’ weirdo housemate, shines as they bounce around suburban purgatory in search of cash. Never Goin’ Back is an engaging shaggy-dog crime story for the Snapchat generation.

Director Augustine Frizzell is no longer expected to be in attendance.

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