Gingerella (RockaFela) + Director Q&A

Duration: 90 min

Director: Alex Reuben.

Starring: Eleanor Sikorski, Professors Chris Frith and Natalie Sebanz. UK 2017. 65 mins.

Alex Reuben’s (Routes: Dancing To New Orleans) fascinating new essay film explores the meaning of dance and synchronisation, with a narrative thread that weaves together more than thirteen interpretations of the Cinderella story.

It centres on the contemporary story of a dancer, Gingerella, who has lost the will to dance and her quest to recover her ability to move. The world of modern neuroscience is Gingerella’s map and her guides are two of its foremost practitioners: Professors Chris Frith and Natalie Sebanz.

In an age when physical proximity to machines can be more common than with people, we journey with Gingerella through landscapes of earth, body and mind, exploring how we dance and what it is to be close to each other.

Supported by a Wellcome Arts Award and Arts Council England.

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