Two and a Half Questions (PG) is an exploration of the lives and aspirations of the Windrush generation and those who came after them.

Working with a group of young people, the filmmaker, Clovis Lowe, captured interviews with people of Caribbean and African heritage from all walks of life, from lawyers and dancers to politicians, social workers and entrepreneurs. The team interviewed a range of people aged 14 to 87 years old, and asked them three questions:

1. What impact has race had on your life?
2. What are your hopes for the future?
3. How old are you?

Their responses uncover attitudes and issues within education, employment, religion and wider society to create a fascinating portrait of the range of experiences that has shaped the black community in London over the past 70 years.

The film was funded by Lambeth Council's ELEVATE Neighbourhoods programme.

The film is available to book between 22 June - 30 November 2022 at all Picturehouse Cinemas (excluding Picturehouse Central).

At selected sites in and around London, we will be offering a free Q&A after the film. If you're interested in this, please specify this on your booking form.

An additional Q&A is available, subject to speaker availability, at:
Clapham Picturehouse
Ritzy Picturehouse in Brixton
West Norwood Picturehouse

Suitable for: Year 5 - Year 11 students
Price: £4 per student (minimum 30 students, or £150 for smaller groups)
BBFC Guidance: PG (references to racism)
The full film is 45 minutes

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Film produced by Oxygen Arts. Funded by Lambeth Council's Elevate Neighbourhoods programme, Oxygen Arts worked with over 30 young people, in 2021, training them in photography and filmmaking. A group of these young people then filmed interviews with people of Caribbean and African heritage from all walks of life.