We are delighted to be able to offer school screenings of the charming SCRAPPER (12a) at your local Picturehouse. SCRAPPER is the feature debut from talented new British director Charlotte Regan.

The film is now available on a book by request basis for weekday morning screenings. Screenings normally will start at or before 10:30am, but if you require a different start time please let us know on the request form, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Price: £4 per student (minimum 25 students, or £100 for smaller groups). 1 free adult per 10 students.

More about the film:

It's said that it takes a village to raise a child but 12-year-old Georgie (Lola Campbell) has other ideas.

When Georgie's mum dies, the strong-willed 12-year-old resorts to surviving alone, illegally living on her own in her east London council house. But when her absent father Jason turns up out of the blue, she's forced to confront reality. 

A tender, sweet portrayal of families, fresh starts, and a father-daughter relationship, SCRAPPER is a refreshing but warm, dreamy take on British social realism.

Suitable for: Year 7 - Year 11 students
Price: £4 per student (minimum 25 students, or £100 for smaller groups)
BBFC Guidance: 12a (rude gesture, brief moderate violence)
Running time: 84 minutes
Relevant to: Film Studies, Citizenship, PSHEE

There will be a free teaching resource available.

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